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  • 5 Excellent Back-To-School Tips For Kids And Parents Preparation.

                       5 Most Important Back To School Preparation Guidelines

    Though there isn't any approach to manage the concept of returning to school, there are certain things that you can do to help make the approach slightly simpler. Below are great tips that folks can speak with their kids about as well as the more aged children to learn on their own to maintain you great, relaxed and gathered while in the stressful duration of back to school.


                                                Five Keep It Great Back-to-School Guidelines

    1. Make serious amounts of time to reunite with all your friends prior to school starts off - you will really feel much more comfortable when September arrives. In case you took vacation or even went to camp out for your summer time, you most likely have lots of time making to catch up with your close friends from school!


    1. The conclusion of summer time before school begins is the greatest time for you to get prepared! Purchase a planner/calendar so that you can arrange everything you must do prior to the preparation begins mounting up. You might also need to add a safety device as part of your back to school supplies. Like personal alarms, pepper sprays or trackers,etc


    1. Begin going to sleep and getting out of bed a little bit sooner every day to ensure that your body and your mind accordingly is updated for the returning to school schedule. As soon as school commences you could forget getting to sleep late for the Monday to Friday!

    1. The brand new college year is an excellent chance for new buddies. Challenge yourself to speak with a single new individual every single day - after the 1st month you will know everybody within your classroom!


    1. Your teachers have previously started establishing their school rooms. In case you are going completely to another school, try to enter into your building a couple of days earlier to go searching and look for your classroom. By doing this you will not go missing on day one!


    Wish this can help you get prepared for Back to School! Now, get pleasure from the remainder of the summer time and take advantage of Back To School sales going on for a limited time only on our online store. Explore through a wide variety of self-defense and personal safety products and make this school year the best and different year ever for you by considering a self- defense items and including them in your back to school supplies.


  • How To Maintain A Safe Environment Around Your Swimming Pool In Summer

    Millions of us enjoy the warm weather every year by swimming in backyard pools and relaxing in hot tubes.

    Tragically, though, over 200 children drown in backyard swimming pools each year. Drowning is the leading cause of injury -related death among children ages 1 to 4.

    We suggest that owners make pool safety their priority by following these guidelines.

    1- Secure your pool with appropriate barriers . completely surround your poll with a 4-foot high fence or barrier with a self-closing, self -latching gate.

    2- Place a safety cover on the pool or hot tub when not in use, and  remove any ladders or steps used for access. Consider installing a pool alarm that goes off anyone enters the pool.

    POOL ALARM is an electronic monitoring system that automatically sounds an alarm when children or pets fall into your unsupervised pool

    3- Keep children under active supervision at all times. Stay in arm's reach of young kids. Designate a responsible person to watch the water when people are in the pool.

    4- Never allow anyone to swim alone. Have younger or inexperienced swimmers wear a U.S. Coast Guard -approved life jacket.

    5- Ensure every one in the home knows how to swim well by enrolling them in age-approved water orientation and learn-to - swim program.

    6- Keep your pool or hot tub water clean and clear. Maintain proper chemical levels, circulation and filtration. Regularly test and adjust the chemical levels to minimize the risk of earaches., rashes or more serious diseases .

    7- Establish and enforce rules and safe behaviors, such as" no diving", " stay away from drain covers", " swim with buddy" and " walk pleas".

    8- Ensure everyone in the home knows how to respond to aquatic emergencies by having appropriate safety equipment and taking water safety , first aid and CPR classes.

    If you like this article, Please leave a comment and let us know how do you think and don't forget to subscribe to our mailing list above this page through the subscription link for a free product which we give away monthly.

  • Six Self Defense Techniques That Can Save Your Life.

    Six Main Techniques For Women How To Overcome Sexual Harassment.

    Sexual harassment is a crime and unfortunately is a part of our life so it's so important for everyone  specially women who are the must vulnerable group of our society to learn and be prepared to defense themselves from attackers.

    In this article we will show you how to get prepared. There are six common situations which women are potential to be assaulted by attackers as follows:

    1- Being pinned to the ground.

    If you are in this situation, you are required to do techniques below

    - Hands over the one's arm.

    - Hip up and down.

    - Legs on one's hips.

    -Push back.

    - Grab one's wrist.

    - Kick hard.

    2- Back grip.

    - Chest push.

    - Seize one's wrist.

    - Push down.

    3- Rear bear hug.

    - Hips backward.

    - Push yourself up fast.

    4- Wrist hold.

    - Hook V-shape hand onto one's wrist.

    - Lift your head.

    - Push back.

    5- Wrist grab.

    - Block with both hands.

    - Push forward.

    6- Shoulder grab.

    - Step back.

    - Hands on one's hand.

    - Go under the arm and push.

    Learn more about self defense topics and products. If you like this video please don't forget to leave a comment and share your ideas to help us to create better topics and videos.

    Sexual harassment Defense techniques video.


  • The Most Sensitive Parts Of Body.


    What is the most sensitive part of body


    There are about 34 to 72 bacteria in the mouth of an adult. Most of these bacteria are not harmful, and some are even beneficial to the health of the mouth, but the insertion of germs on the hands (and the handle in the faucet, the stairs, the microwave buttons, etc.) is balanced in Rinse your mouth and put you at risk of disease.


    The umbilical cord is the most infected part of the body and there are many bacteria inside it. Since access to the navel is difficult, even after bathing, this part of the body remains infected. The shape of the navel makes the contamination easy to accumulate and creates a very sharp smell.


    If you look around you, you will see a lot of people putting their hands on their faces. But you should never touch your face, except when you want to wash your face or cream it. Scientists say our hands have a fat that can cause the pores to close and aggravate acne. Germs that are at the tip of the fingers can exacerbate this problem.



    Under the fingernails, there are many infections and bacteria. Even the continuous hand washing does not completely eliminate these germs. That is why doctors and nurses use gloves when working. By touching the hands with various contaminants and bacteria that are beneath the nails, these contaminants are transmitted to other levels.


    The touch of the anus is one of the most important ways of transmitting germs, and even the bacteria "E coli" (a bacterium that can cause nausea, diarrhea and even diarrhea). Scientists say the touch of the anus helps ease the transfer of natural gastrointestinal organs through the hands. Direct or indirect contact with the eyes and mouth causes infections in these areas.


    Inside the nose there are beneficial bacteria. When you put your finger into the nose, you enter various bacteria that are likely to be harmful and can cause infection. In addition, the hands are soaked with nasal bacteria, and these bacteria are transmitted to other places, which will be problematic especially in the seasons of the outbreak of colds and flu.




    The internal components of the ear are very delicate and vulnerable. That's why you should resist the desire to remove the mass of the ear from the depths of it. Scientists say we should never put our fingers inside our ears. The skin that covers the ear canal is very thin and is subject to very tiny tears. Instead of looking for self-care, refer to an ENT specialist to diagnose the problem.


    Our eyes are extremely sensitive. When you get to your eyes, you not only enter germs, but also put yourself at risk of accidental entry of dirty and very small particles into the eyes; a problem that can cause eye irritation and Even scratch the cornea. If you have no choice but to touch your eyes, you should wash your hands thoroughly before. Resist the urge to rub the eyes, as this can over time increase wrinkles and blackness under the eyes.

    Click to read more about personal safety


  • Statistics Of Sexual Abuse And Rapes In The United States Of America 2018

    Just about every 98 seconds a person in the United States is sexually attacked. Meaning each day over Five Hundred Seventy men and women encounter sex assault in this nation.

    Sexual abuse spreads throughout our lifestyle, from brutal sexual assault moments on hit Television shows to prejudiced outfit unique codes that strengthen sexual assault culture; from popular sports athletes showing girls they are “supposed to be quiet,” to near-daily reports of sexual problems on university  and college campuses.

    from a ex- Olympic physician charged with intimately maltreating over one hundred females, to a Us president  who's been publicly charged with sexually assaulting above 15 females and was documented bragging which he grabs women “by the pussy.”

    Every one of these instances generate a way of life that supports the moderation of sexual abuse.

    Because the first task towards stopping sexual assault is knowing a realistic look of it, we have accumulated 30 statistics that demonstrate exactly how dangerous it can be for Country.

    Sexual Attack Knowledge and Elimination.

    Sexual assault is an issue that's seriously based in our culture, these statistics verify that.


    The approximated quantity of females who've been the victims of sexual assault since 98.


    The percent of criminals of sexual abuse which walk free of charge.


    The percent of women sexual assault survivors who'll try out committing suicide.


    The percent of trans folks who are experiencing sexual assault of their lives.


    The exact amount of cash sexual assault charges affected individuals annually in the U.S., not including youngster sexual misuse.


    Age range that ladies are 4 times much more likely versus the typical population to be subjects of sexual assault, experimented with sexual assault or sexual attack. Women students ages 18-24 are 3 times very likely than females in the typical population to have sexual abuse.

    1 in 6

    The small percentage of National women that have survived an tried or done rape for their lifetimes.


    The number of situations trans men and women of color will probably encounter sexual assault compared to typical human population.


    The percent of males who'll be raped in their life-time.


    The percent of grownup sexual assault victims which are woman.


    The average range of affected individuals of sexual assault and sexual attack each year in the U.S.


    The predicted amount of prisoners who encounter sexual assault in jail or prison annually.


    The percent of cases of sexual abuse experienced by prisoners which are perpetrated by jail or prison staff.


    This number shows how often someone with impairment has a potential to be a victim of sexual harassment or assault compare to someone with no disability.


    The amount of sexual contact among prisoners and prison safeguards which is against the law and, consequently, non-consensual.


    The calculated life-time earnings which a survivor of sexual abuse who had been taken advantage of just as one teenage loses.


    The money it charges to acquire a sexual assault package examined. In accordance with the Assault Towards Women Act, a survivor ought to never need to purchase their unique rape equipment, however, many states have loopholes that pressure survivors to try and do that.


    Age range by which folks are that appears to be sexually assaulted.


    The amount of trans or sex nonconforming college students who document getting sexually affected when going to college or university.


    The percent of bisexual females who record getting raped of their life long.


    The quantity of army services staffs who encountered undesirable sexual contact in 2014.

    1 in 7

    This fraction confirms that how many of military services associates who encountered an assault from somebody for their chain of command.


    The approximated quantity of males who have observed a tried or done rape since 1998.


    The  random quantity of Local People in America 12- year and more aged who document getting sexually attacked every year.


    The percentage of females who admit experiencing signs and symptoms of post-traumatic pressure condition (Post traumatic stress disorder) in the 2 weeks right after getting raped.

    7 in 10

    The fraction of rapes fully committed by somebody the victim knows.


    The percent of sexual assault criminals which are white-colored.


    The percent of child sexual abuse criminals who know their target.


    The percent of false sexual abuse and rape records.


    The summation of money sexual assault and abuse cost the U.S. in 2014 only.

    Take a few minutes of your time and watch the video to see what people think about the rate of crime.

    If these numbers scare you, On the flip side there is/are solution(s) and this is a main purpose of this article.

    Now, What is a solution?

    How To Protect Yourself From Crime, Rape , and sexual assault?

    Whether you believe it or not ,crime is real and part of our life unfortunately but there is always a way to prevent it from happening if you act today and don't put it off til tomorrow. If you don't wait until it happens.

    Personal safety is not rocket science, it's all about mindset that has to be changed from carelessness to cautiousness and that needs practice and getting familiar with products that have been designed for this purpose.
    Did you know that when a violent attack happens, you just have less than ONE second to defend yourself from threats? that's enough time to get you killed.Yes, you heard it right.ONE SECOND ONLY.

    It's a proven fact that self-defense tools like a cheap  key chain pepper spray that can be attached to you at all times or self defense products which specially have been designed for women according their requirements and interests like lipstick pepper spray , a stun gun and even a personal alarm make you %80 faster to take a correct action and survive the attack.
    Can you believe it that you can have access to all kind of self-defense but non-lethal products nowadays and start getting prepared with investment as small as $20, $15, or even $10.

    We have provided this video and article to warn you that all type of threads or crime you see can happen to you at the drop of a hat.This is what we can do on our end.
    If this video put the fear on you? our proven self-defense, home and property protection products can erase the fear from your life and help you survive any attack,crime, and threats.

  • Flash Sale February 2018

    Flash Sale February 2018

    Looking for the best and cheapest home protection , personal safety, hidden cameras and surveillance systems on sale . Click here


  • January 2018 Home protection and hidden cameras sale

                                            January 2018 Home protection and hidden cameras sale

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    Did you know you can save 10 percent on your home insurance if you install one home protection device on your home.
    Kill two birds with one stone . Save 20% on your favorite device and 10% on your home insurance.
  • Tips to protect your home in winter.

    Tips to protect your home in winter.

    cold weather is here and it can cause costly damage to your home. Here are a few tips to keep your home and family safe this winter.

    A little wintertime prep can go a long way in protecting your investment in your home.

    see more prevention tips on home protection.


  • Eight Essential Tips How To Prevent Home Fire In Winter.

    Eight Essential Tips How To Prevent Home Fire In Winter.

    Half of home heating fires are reported during months of December, January, and February .We would like to offer the following tips to help you get through the winter freeze.

    Keep anything that can burn at least three feet away from heating equipment, like a furnace, fireplace,   wood stove or portable space heater

    How to fix fire place DIY

    Have a three-foot “kid-free-zone” around open fires and space heaters.

    Never use your oven to heat your home.

    Make sure the fire place has a sturdy screen to stop sparks from flying into the room. Ashes should be cool before putting them in a metal container. Keep the container a safe distance away from your home.

    Have a qualified professional install stationary space heating equipment, water heater or central heating equipment according to local codes and the manufacture’s instruction.

    Have heating equipment and chimneys cleaned and inspected every year by a qualified professional.

    Remember to turn portable heaters off when leaving the room or going to bed.

    Test smoke alarms monthly.

    Click to find more home protection topics and devices

  • The most advanced hotels in the world in terms of technology and security systems

    The most advanced hotels in the world in terms of technology and security systems

    Hotel hub by Premier Inn, London, United Kingdom

    Room price in hotel hub

    Do  not disturb the “do not disturb” continuously or hang up the air conditioning systems for the proper temperature? Of course, we accept that these are more of a problem for the rich, but you will not be worried about this at London’s Hub Beimerie Hotel. The hotel’s exclusive app can be used to control all of the above, and the ultra-fast Wi-Fi in the hotel makes it easy to connect to without any problems.

    Hotel J House Greenwich Hotel, Connecticut, USAThe most expensive hotel in USA

    The baths of this hotel make it one of the most sought after hotels in the world. You may have seen TVs that are made into hotel mirror mirrors, but when it’s steamy, it’s no longer possible to watch TV. But this is not a problem at the Connecticut Jayhouse Greenwich, and the 55-inch large TV in the bathroom is completely safe from steam. The toilets of this hotel also have superb facilities and include a seating area, electric heating chairs and air purifiers.

    Hotel Zetta, San Francisco, USABest hotels in USA

    Zeta Hotel is one of the most appealing San Francisco hotels and paradise for lovers of gadgets: a room full of game consoles, an old-fashioned phone booth full of technology where you can post on your Twitter, snap chat or blog, and an exhibition like the museum features old-fashioned cartridges, computer chips and old mobile phones.

    Hotel Yotel, New York, USAThe best hotels in new yourk

    Maybe it’s time for you to stay in the city for one or two nights, and your large suitcase has occupied most of the hotel room space you booked. The Utel Hotel, a capsule hotel in the New York Times Square, has fixed this problem by introducing a technological storage space for baggage items that you do not need urgently.

    Hotel M Social Singapore, Singapore

    We all like to have a Roman service or hotel service from time to time. But if the hotel waiter comes when we do not have enough clothes, the situation may be a little unpleasant. Ms Sousal, a luxury hotel in Singapore, has recently hired the newest member of his staff: a robot.

    Hotel City Hub, Amsterdam, Netherlandswhat is the best hotel in Netherlands

    The City Hub Hotel was built as a hitch replacement for crowded youth hostels. The 50 minimalist rooms of the hotel have a double bed, WiFi, Hitech TV service, and mobile controlled lighting. If you’re the owner of a magnetically damaged (or lost) entrance to your room, you’re lucky because the hotel will be given an electronic wristband instead of a regular card. It can open the lock in your room.

    Hotel Hilton Mclean Tysons Corner, Virginia, USA

    The best hotels in Virginia, USA

    The Hewitl Inn Lab has created a complete innovation to make its hotels as hi-tech as possible, and this particular hotel is also an excellent example of this. This hotel has Hitech TVs with access to Netflix and YouTube.

    Eccleston Square Hotel, London, UKHow to find the best hotel in London

    Even if you try again, you will not be able to add more technology to this boutique hotel. This hotel was one of the first hotels to have an iPad and cinema screen, but this is just the first. There is a hotspot in the Hotel Eclecton, where each room has its own air-conditioning. So if the guests in the next room eat the worst food in the world, you will not understand at all.

    Hotel Marriott Hotel Ghent, BelgiumIn what hotel to saty in Belgium


    The Orlando Hotel was originally the first hotel in Europe to mark Robat’s payroll. The Mario Robot is 56 cm tall and weighs 6 kg and speaks of nineteen languages, which lowers the risk of translation problems that result in the Roman order being mistaken.

    Hotel Kameha Grand, Zurich, Switzerland


    Who is who does not like a room with a particular theme? Kamala Grand Hotel Zurich is full of rooms and suites with special themes. One of the most popular suites at the Hotel Space Suite is the space explorers who will enjoy it.

    Hotel Henn na Hotel, Tokyo, JapanJapanies hotels


    Have you ever thought that dinosaur-like robots would host your hotel room reception process? This Tokyo hotel has as many features as possible. Hotel Henne is the first hotel in which all its employees are robots, and all of them are multilingual. These robots welcome you at the reception desk, carry your luggage to your room, and their facial recognition capabilities eliminate the keys of the room. Only in Japan you can expect such a hotel!

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