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  • The most advanced hotels in the world in terms of technology and security systems

    The most advanced hotels in the world in terms of technology and security systems

    Hotel hub by Premier Inn, London, United Kingdom

    Room price in hotel hub

    Do  not disturb the “do not disturb” continuously or hang up the air conditioning systems for the proper temperature? Of course, we accept that these are more of a problem for the rich, but you will not be worried about this at London’s Hub Beimerie Hotel. The hotel’s exclusive app can be used to control all of the above, and the ultra-fast Wi-Fi in the hotel makes it easy to connect to without any problems.

    Hotel J House Greenwich Hotel, Connecticut, USAThe most expensive hotel in USA

    The baths of this hotel make it one of the most sought after hotels in the world. You may have seen TVs that are made into hotel mirror mirrors, but when it’s steamy, it’s no longer possible to watch TV. But this is not a problem at the Connecticut Jayhouse Greenwich, and the 55-inch large TV in the bathroom is completely safe from steam. The toilets of this hotel also have superb facilities and include a seating area, electric heating chairs and air purifiers.

    Hotel Zetta, San Francisco, USABest hotels in USA

    Zeta Hotel is one of the most appealing San Francisco hotels and paradise for lovers of gadgets: a room full of game consoles, an old-fashioned phone booth full of technology where you can post on your Twitter, snap chat or blog, and an exhibition like the museum features old-fashioned cartridges, computer chips and old mobile phones.

    Hotel Yotel, New York, USAThe best hotels in new yourk

    Maybe it’s time for you to stay in the city for one or two nights, and your large suitcase has occupied most of the hotel room space you booked. The Utel Hotel, a capsule hotel in the New York Times Square, has fixed this problem by introducing a technological storage space for baggage items that you do not need urgently.

    Hotel M Social Singapore, Singapore

    We all like to have a Roman service or hotel service from time to time. But if the hotel waiter comes when we do not have enough clothes, the situation may be a little unpleasant. Ms Sousal, a luxury hotel in Singapore, has recently hired the newest member of his staff: a robot.

    Hotel City Hub, Amsterdam, Netherlandswhat is the best hotel in Netherlands

    The City Hub Hotel was built as a hitch replacement for crowded youth hostels. The 50 minimalist rooms of the hotel have a double bed, WiFi, Hitech TV service, and mobile controlled lighting. If you’re the owner of a magnetically damaged (or lost) entrance to your room, you’re lucky because the hotel will be given an electronic wristband instead of a regular card. It can open the lock in your room.

    Hotel Hilton Mclean Tysons Corner, Virginia, USA

    The best hotels in Virginia, USA

    The Hewitl Inn Lab has created a complete innovation to make its hotels as hi-tech as possible, and this particular hotel is also an excellent example of this. This hotel has Hitech TVs with access to Netflix and YouTube.

    Eccleston Square Hotel, London, UKHow to find the best hotel in London

    Even if you try again, you will not be able to add more technology to this boutique hotel. This hotel was one of the first hotels to have an iPad and cinema screen, but this is just the first. There is a hotspot in the Hotel Eclecton, where each room has its own air-conditioning. So if the guests in the next room eat the worst food in the world, you will not understand at all.

    Hotel Marriott Hotel Ghent, BelgiumIn what hotel to saty in Belgium


    The Orlando Hotel was originally the first hotel in Europe to mark Robat’s payroll. The Mario Robot is 56 cm tall and weighs 6 kg and speaks of nineteen languages, which lowers the risk of translation problems that result in the Roman order being mistaken.

    Hotel Kameha Grand, Zurich, Switzerland


    Who is who does not like a room with a particular theme? Kamala Grand Hotel Zurich is full of rooms and suites with special themes. One of the most popular suites at the Hotel Space Suite is the space explorers who will enjoy it.

    Hotel Henn na Hotel, Tokyo, JapanJapanies hotels


    Have you ever thought that dinosaur-like robots would host your hotel room reception process? This Tokyo hotel has as many features as possible. Hotel Henne is the first hotel in which all its employees are robots, and all of them are multilingual. These robots welcome you at the reception desk, carry your luggage to your room, and their facial recognition capabilities eliminate the keys of the room. Only in Japan you can expect such a hotel!

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  • How To Protect Your Child From Sexual Abuse.

    Practical Tips On  How To Prevent Child Abuse

    Physical child abuse affects millions of children all over the world. Abusers can either be the parents, relatives, or people in the community. This type of abuse is just one of several. It includes verbal abuse and emotional abuse. Children who are victims of any type of abuse tend to grow up with the experience still etched in their minds.

    Child abuse may be more common and widespread than people may think. In 2015, there were around one million confirmed incidents of child abuse in the United States.  People sometimes don't realize the wide range of actions that are considered as forms of child abuse.  Child abusers are also not always easy to pick out of a crowd; most are normal individuals who fit into society quite easily. Because of all this, it may be hard to recognize or accept that a child is being abused.

    To be able to make a contribution to stopping child abuse you will need to know the symptoms. Child abuse can best be described as the act of inflicting physical, verbal or emotional pain on a child. Because the most common child abuse are sexual and physical abuse we as parents, guardian better to get to know the symptoms of physical and sexual abuse first.

    What are Symptoms of sexual abuse?

    • Fear of staying alone with someone they know and trust.
    • Being withdrawn or enjoying isolation
    • Fear of having their clothes removed or themselves being touched
    • Drawing pictures that are sexually explicit

    What are Symptoms of physical abuse?

    • Wearing clothes that cover their bodies and refusing to remove them even in when it's hot.
    • Increased aggressive behavior towards peers
    • Afraid of being touched
    • Injuries that the child cannot explain

    In reality child abuse can never really be stopped as it is impossible to zero in on all abusers at any given time and there are always those who will get away with it. However, we can all do our part in stopping child abuse or prevent it from happening.  Unfortunately, our mind set has not been adapted with prevention plans yet. Especially, when it comes to personal safety, home protection, and etcetera .

    Everyone has a role to play in efforts to end child abuse. We have the responsibility to secure a healthy and prosperous future for our communities and our nation. Each of us can help in simple ways.

    A lot of efforts have been made to decrease the child abuse rate in The United States so far and we see the rate is on decline.

    Because of dedication of caring professionals who work in the prevention and response field. Because of the generosity of donors to make a difference in communities all over the country. Because of foresight in national, state, and local governments to provide funding for programs that strengthen families and protect the next generation.

    Because of numerous companies that have focused on making specific self-defense, personal safety products to help this program to achieve its goal.

    Child trackers in different shapes and models are one of the hundreds of products that now are available in market at reasonable price.

    How to protect your child from sexual abuse It has a two way alarm so that your child can press one button to alert you if they are lost or in trouble. When the Wireless Child Leash wristband goes outside of the set distance the alarm will alert you wirelessly and sound an alarm on your phone.

    We must increase our investment in these efforts and bring the numbers down even more. There are children who still need our help, programs that still need our support, and initiatives that still need our determination.








  • 7 Essential Things to do when feeling lonely

    Things to do when feeling lonely

    Listen to stories

    Music headphoneA general way to distract, read, or listen to stories. For example, the story of the danger of banana insects. !!! And the story of Collider, which is only a few examples of many compelling podcasts that share shared experiences of human experiences from richly detailed perspectives.

    Create something

    How to learn painting

    People always feel better after creating or creating something, whether it’s a poem or a watercolor painting. Creation and creation can also help your loneliness. When you make something, you touch your breath and your inner mind.

    Move your body

    what to do when you are alone Working outside or moving your body can help you lose your sense of loneliness. When we are feeling lonely, do not spend time thinking about it, we do not mind how we feel. Loneliness is often associated with inactivity and inactivity, thus, with these emotions, counteract the movement of your body. The free endorphins released through exercise can help you feel better and focus on moving your mind out of loneliness during physical activity.


    how to start meditation

    Have you ever meditated? It’s not as intimidating as it sounds, and it can really help you if you find yourself getting lonely. Matles suggested, “Sit quietly and meditate on where the sensation is showing up in the body… is it in the chest area? The stomach? The throat? Once you scan the body… notice the clinging sensations or however the discomfort of loneliness shows up. Breathe into the area and areas around it and send comforting support to this area.”

    Being volunteer

    How can I be a vulonteer One of the best things you can do to stop feeling lonely is to give back to others. Treder-Wolff said, “Loneliness can turn in on itself, increasing isolation and giving rise to negative thoughts and feelings that increase one’s sense of alienation. It can require an enormous emotional effort, but taking action that is of help to other people in some way reduces the sense of loneliness and breaks the negative cycle that isolation can produce. Research published in the British Medical Journal Online showed that volunteering enhanced emotional well-being, especially among people after 40 and into old age, the years most commonly associated with loneliness.”

    Action for treatment

    what is the treatment for lonelinessEveryone gets lonely sometimes, but if you find yourself getting lonely on a consistent basis it may be time to seek outside help. Dr. Fisher told me, “If someone has a chronic pattern of feeling lonely, they should see a therapist to process the origins and the patterns. For example, perhaps they didn’t have close attachments with their parents growing up so they never learned how to cultivate closeness with others. Therefore, working through this will be imperative to build relationships that are satisfying to avoid feeling lonely.”

  • 5 Safety Tips For Runners When Running Outdoors.

    5 Safety Tips For Runners When Running Outdoors.

    Running is known as a great sport that you can do easily. It is fun to do this sport outside, on roads, on trails, or anywhere. However, when you are running, you have to be safe and also be alert. At this time, these are going to give you several tips that will guide you to stay safe when running outdoors.

    Firstly, you should run during the daylight hours. If you have to run in the morning before the sun comes up or in the dust or the dark, it is suggested for you to wear reflective clothing. This is to make people see you and just on your shoes are not enough. You can also wear a couple of arm bands, the blinking light or even a vest. Besides, it is also important for you to always run in the familiar areas that are safe.

    What is a safe steps arm band? The Safe Steps Arm Band provides visibility when walking or running at night.

    Secondly, if you have to run alone, you can call someone or leave note that saying when you will be back and where the route is. If you suddenly have an injury or if there is something happen to you, this can be a great starting point for someone to help you. Do not forget to write down about what you are wearing.

    Thirdly, you should be mindful of the traffic. Also, you have to be very careful and alert when you are stepping off the curbs and you should always watch the cars around you. It is because cars do not always do what they have to do. So, it is better safe than sorry.

    Fourthly, it is suggested for you to not wear headphones. Or, if you have to wear headphones, you should put them very low. Headphones can be distracting that will make you unable to hear an approaching vehicle, dog, or attacker. So, you have to make sure to be alert while running outside.

    Fifthly and most importantly, When you leave your house for running, you also need to keep your home safe. By checking out our home protection category you can learn more about various safes that you can install to your home for keeping your valuables safe So, you will be more knowledgeable of various types and products.

    For your convenience we have divided home protection products into five subcategories. Like, Voice Alert System, Home Security, Door And Window Alarms,Motion Activated Alarms, Pool Alarm,and Diversions Safes.


  • 8 Tips For Ladies On How To Find A Hidden Cameras

    How To Find A Hidden Camera?

    The perverts are out there to trap you with their anti-social activities. You are really living in a strange and unkind world where people make money in whatever way they can. It is better to watch out for possible signs that tell you about the intentions of people around you. Hence, you need to keep a vigil on the surroundings before you enter a room. If it is not possible for you to go and investigate, you can ask your accomplice to do the same for you. In this article, we would list out tips to help you secure yourself before entering into the trial room of a shop in a marketplace.

    1. As soon as you enter the trial room, check out for any item that has an unusual pin hole on the wall surfaces. It might hold a tiny camera away from the surface.
    2. Carefully look for the popular items that are present in the change room. They could be alarm clocks, boom boxes, desk lamps, speakers, radios, wall outlets, air purifiers, shelves, stuffed animals and bookcases.
    3. You can do a simple static interference test to verify whether the tiny cameras are present there or not. You can do this by simply sweeping the room.
    4. If you have network connectivity in the change room, you can even make phone calls to check for their presence.You will hear a magnetic click sound in your phone if there is a magnetic device nearby.
    5. If the phone calls don't go through, one can become sure that there is an electronic device nearby. Due to the electronic interference from other devices in the neighborhood, the phone calls cannot go normally through.
    6. Try to find any suspiciously placed tinted glass or dome in the room and go near it. If possible, try to dismantle it yourself or seek the help from the authorities present in the shop.
    7. Lookup for the hidden cameras on the roof as well. In all likelihood, the cameras would be installed on the roof stealthily to get a better view.
    8. Always be on guard about the mirrors found in the change room and bathrooms. Some perverts might install the two-way mirrors to let them see what is happening on its other side. Place the tip of the finger on the mirror and watch for a gap between the finger and its image. If the gap is there, then the mirror is a genuine one, not the two-way type.

    all above mentioned tips are for when you don't have your anti-spay or bug detector tool with you. But if you want to spend a little money there are two amazing devices that can easily bring a peace of mind to your life. Digital High End Frequency Counter and Bug Detector with Strength Meter

    Our bug detectors act as sweepers, you can turn them on and walk through a room. If any frequencies are detected the bug detector will notify you.

    bug detectoe Specifications: Frequency Range = 1 MHz to 3 GHz, Battery = 5 x AA 600 M/AH NiCd, Battery Life = 6 Hours in use/500 stand-by, Ant. Impedance = 50 Ohms, Real Frequency Display= 30 Hr., Time Lapse Frequency Display= 960 Hour., Silent Alert Mode = No, Beeper = Yes, Low Battery Indicator = No, Barograph= Ultra Sensitive 5 Sections,

    If you think that someone is listening to your conversations or is watching you with a hidden camera, a bug detector will help you find the hidden microphone or camera, and a frequency detector will tell you what frequency it's running on.

    How A Bug Detector Works? Specifications: Impedance: 50 Ohms (BNC Socket) VSWR less than 2.1, Frequency Range: 30 MHz-2.8 GHz, Sensitivity: less than 5 mV, Max input: 15 dBm, Resolution: 10 KHz for digital signals or On/Off Keying & 1 KHz for Analog Signals, Time base: Less than 1 PPM at room temperature, Weight: 210g, Size: 80 mm high x 60 mm wide x 31 mm deep, Case: Stamped aluminum with black anodized finish, Batter: Internal 4 x AA 600 mAH NiCd pack, Power: 9VDC 300 mA
  • How to Catch a Cheating Spouse

    Before technology really started to move along in the past decade or so, cheaters were living in a wonderland where they would almost never get caught. But now, with e-mail, text messages, cell phones, and Internet messaging, it is very easy to catch a spouse cheating. You can even track a person's cell phone by using a GPS function, just to see where he is at any time of the day or night.

    But although you may think that using technology is the only way to catch a spouse cheating, there are many others. It is usually a change in behavior that triggers a wife to start looking for signs of cheating. Is your man suddenly taking more showers or showing more interest in looking after himself? If so, he is probably doing that for someone other than you.

    Is your husband missing for hours at a time or coming up with vague excuses as to where he has been? Is he going out to buy things that could wait for another time? If so, he is probably getting out of the house to make a call or visit someone.

    When you start seeing these signs and think that you will catch your spouse cheating, then you must be prepared to act on it right away. Ask them what is going on, and if they avoid the question, make a point to let them know what you have noticed and that you would appreciate the truth. It usually doesn't take a lot of pressure before a man caves.

    In order to catch a cheater in the act, there are a few things that you need to look for. First of all, you need to look at the body language of your spouse. Even though our mouths may be able to tell lies, the body never does. Your spouse might do subtle things that speak volumes in regards to their loyalty to you. When your spouse goes to answer a text or a call and if they leave the room to do so, that is a problem. There is a difference between getting privacy and between them hiding something. This is exactly when you need to get familiar with hidden cameras to see how technology can save your life, marriage, and relationship from being ruined and broken out.  Hidden cameras are a type of small board camera built into common objects.  Those objects can be practically anything like book, mirror, clock, flower pot, i.e.  But what I am going to offer you is Digital Voice/Telephone Recorder.

    What is Digital Voice/Telephone Recorder and how it works?

    Simply put its audio recorder you can record phone or room conversations. Click to continue reading and learn more in details.

    What is digital voice recorder There are many reasons why conversations may need to be recorded, and using the latest technology will allow users to do so with convenience and speed using the Digital Voice/Telephone Recorder with MP3 Player Function.

    Two other items that I would like to introduce are two BODY WORN STYLE spay cameras that come in shape of cross and necktie. You can buy them for your spouse as a gift and ask them just wear it. They are able to record video footage in crisp clear 720x480 resolution and stores the information on a 16GB memory card which will hold 10 hours. You can turn on and off necktie spay camera even with remote controller in distance of up 10 meter. Click play to watch how it looks like.

    What is built-in hidden camera The hidden necktie camera is best suited for portable hidden surveillance applications and in particular for use by law enforcement personnel during sting operations.
    How long a cross hidden camera can record? The Cross Hidden Spy Camera with Built In DVR is a tiny spy camera hidden inside a mini crucifix!

    And last way to catch a cheater in the act is to install some spyware program on their computer. You can install a program that will track all of the keyboard strokes that they make so when they are done on the computer, you can go on and find out all of their passwords to their email accounts and social networking sites. There, you will be able to find out all of the information that you need to truly catch your spouse in the act. You will be able to detect the affair and to put a stop to it by talking with your spouse or leaving them for good.

  • What Pepper Spray To Buy?

    How do you choose the right Pepper Spray?

    There are many brands, models, and colors of Pepper Sprays to choose from. So which one should you get? What will best work for you?

    what is the best pepper spray for women new design and fashionable pepper spray
    What is mace pepper spray One of the strongest pepper sprays that can incapacitate the attacker in front of your eyes.
    what is the new pepper spray in market. Thanks to out of the box thinking now, we have the new version of pepper spray in market.

    Although it may seem overwhelming with all the different choices, it comes down to learning about the pepper spray and its effects. Once you know what pepper spray does, then it’s just about finding one that will makes you comfortable and suit your needs. The information provided in the following pages of this report should help you decide!

    How does Pepper Spray work?

    There are three basic chemical compounds that compose these defensive sprays.

    • CS (Orthochlorobenzalmalonitrile)
    • CN (alphachloroacetaphenone)
    • OC (Oleoresin Capsicum)

    The first two, CS and CN, irritate the membrane tissues and cause stinging and tearing. They can take from 5 to 30 seconds before they are effective and may not work if someone is drunk, on drugs, psychotic, or can't feel pain. The time delay and the fact that they may or may not be effective, is enough to turn people away from the self- defense sprays. However, the remaining compound, OC, does not have these limitations OC, or Pepper Spray, is an inflammatory agent; not an irritant. When someone is sprayed with OC pepper spray, the person's eyes slam shut. Even if someone does manage to get their eyes open, they won't be able to see because OC dilates the capillaries and causes temporary blindness. Additionally, instant inflammation of the breathing tissues restricts all but life support breathing. They double over coughing uncontrollably.

    But I hear about people who aren't affected by pepper spray?

    What you have heard about are the man made chemical compounds commonly referred to as CS or CN. These are your tear gases. For example, military personnel are subjected to similar chemicals in the course of their training to simulate a chemical attack in a war time situation. After repeated exposure, a resistance is built up so the "gas chamber," as it is called, does not affect them as much. And it's true that some people are just not as affected as others are. Other law enforcement personnel, martial artists, and yes, even determined criminals can fight through the effects of CS or CN chemical sprays.

    Pepper Spray, on the other hand, has the effect of putting a brick wall in between the assailant and the sprayer. When someone gets a full blast of OC pepper spray, they stop what they are doing. They stop what they are thinking. Even people previously mentioned that could withstand the effects of tear gas, are very personally affected by OC pepper spray. This includes people that are drunk, on drugs, or psychotic.

    Ok, so how do I decide which one to buy?

    Once it became known that OC is superior to CN and CS, many brands became available with different concentrations, formulations, sizes, and spray patterns. Choosing the right spray is a critical decision if the spray ever has to be used in a self- defense situation. Things to consider when deciding to purchase a pepper spray:

    Size and capacity: Sizes can range from a 1/2 ounce personal pepper spray up to 9 ounces for the bear pepper spray. Keychain sized defensive sprays or sizes easily carried on a belt or in a purse are ideal for most situations. Even the smallest units have enough in them to handle multiple attackers if done properly. The two main factors you want to look for are the range and the number of shots. A 6-8 foot range is plenty since that is where most personal assaults will take place. Most defensive sprays are also classified by number of one second bursts. A good 1-2 second burst will disable almost any assailant.

    Spray Pattern: There are two basic types of defensive spray patterns, stream and mist. Stream patterns give good range but require aiming directly at the face. Cone mists have shorter range but you don't have to aim as well. If there is a breeze, a stream is more controllable. Mists can be blown off target or even back to the sprayer. OC pepper spray works best when it hits the eyes and is inhaled. The mist is inhaled instantly while the stream might take longer for the person to breathe in the pepper spray. In all cases, it is critical to hit the attacker in the face!

    What else should I know about purchasing defensive pepper sprays?

    Aside from size and capacity, and spray pattern of pepper spray, the formulation can also be a consideration.

    Formulation: OC comes in concentrations of 5%, 10%, 15%, or even higher. Bear pepper spray is not rated in a percentage. It is formulated for bears. Because of different marketing that has evolved around these defensive sprays, the percentage is not always a good indicator of effectiveness. The Covert Eye Self Defense Products only carries the highest quality pepper sprays, including Mace brand, that have been proven to be most effective.

    Other factors: Many pepper sprays come on key chains. This is a sound idea because since most people usually have their keys with them, they will also always have their pepper spray with them. But don't forget about the times you don't have your keys. The small investment in an extra pepper spray could actually save your life! The best pepper spray in the world or the most extensive training will amount to nothing if you don't do two things: Carry your pepper spray wherever you go and practice using it!

    Still you feel like you need to learn more , read our pepper spray buyer's guide.

  • Most Essential Tips On How To Prepare For Daily Trek And Hike.

    Different people take to the outdoors for different reasons – some for enjoying nature in its pristine form, and some for soaking in some moments of relaxation from the everyday hectic lifestyle.

    Whatever be it, one must always realize that the outdoors, especially the wilderness, can be very treacherous. Far away from human habitat, even the smallest of negligence and laziness could invite disaster, and untold misery and suffering. One must be prepared for the worst at all times.

    • pepper spray for joggers If you are jogger or runner you need to carry a pepper spray that especially has been designed for runners.

    Here are a few safety precautions a trekker must follow for his/her safety in the wilderness.

    Before going out on a trek/day hike:

    1.  Always inform your friends and family of your trekking destination and your intended date of return. If you do not return or call back within the given time, they will know where to look for you.
    1. The same principle applies for a day hike, too. Always inform your base camp of your intended route and destination. That will allow your co-trekkers at the base camp to launch a search and rescue without wasting valuable time should you fail to return within a safe time limit.M
    2. Make sure to carry a small knapsack with a few essentials. That will help you bivouac through the night should you lose your way or get stranded.
    1.  Always carry one of the self-defense products such as stun guns, pepper spray or any non-lethal devices.
    1. These essentials include:

      1.a) A survival blanket - You can rig it with paracord and some sticks for a temporary shelter.

    1. b) A water bottle - Water is an absolute must during any hike.
    1. c)  Your survival kit, which should have a pocket knife, dry tinder for starting a fire, matches or a firesteel, a flexible saw, tweezers, buttons, needles, threads, bankline and a pocket torch.
    2. d) A rain poncho or umbrella - You can use your rain poncho to erect a temporary shelter.
    3. e) A length of paracord.
    1. f) A bushcraft knife/hatchet/survival knife.
    2. g) A powerful torch with good working cells.
    3. h) A good whistle (preferably pea-less).
    4. i) A compass.
    5. j)   Carry a good length of sturdy rope if you plan to cross a river/stream. Do not attempt to cross the river if you are alone. There are some risks you need to be aware of and precautions you must take while making the crossing.
    6. k)  Some food and bars of chocolate/protein.
    7. l)  A folding stove and pots and pans if you plan to cook a meal.
    1. m) Some tea/coffee, sugar and milk powder - Whenever you feel a bit tired after a long day’s hike, just settle down for a quick brew. You won’t realize how energized and refreshed you will feel again.
    2. n)  If the weather is bad outside, also carry a small towel and a pair of dry socks and clothes. Should you have to spend the night in the open, it’s always advisable to wear dry clothes.
    3. o)  Carry your pair of dry clothes in a dry sack inside your knapsack or day hiking bag.
    4. p) A first-aid kit - It should include an antiseptic liquid, some band-aids, a roll of tape, gauze, cotton swabs, a pair of tweezers, a pair of scissors, a magnifying glass, anti-bacterial ointment, a pain relief spray/balm, mosquito repellent ointment, a generic eye drop (ask your doctor) and some generic analgesic. Always carry any prescription drugs advised by your personal physician.
    1. q) Always carry a hat and sunglasses (Sunglasses are a necessity if you are hiking in snow).
    1. r) Carry your spare pair of prescription glasses if you wear glasses all the time.

    What are the most safety precautions during the day hike:

    1. Be very attentive during the trek.
    1. Do not use your headphones during the trek. You could be completely oblivious to any impending danger and would be completely deaf to the warnings of your co-trekkers.
    1. Keep your ears open for any unnatural sound in the bushes. Predators typically attack when you are inattentive and completely lost in your own thoughts and paying little or no attention to your surroundings.
    1. Do not poke into any hidden crevices, beneath rocks, fallen tree trunks, boulders or a pile of leaves with your bare hand. You could get bitten by snakes or insects. Use a stick or your trekking pole to rummage through the clutter.
    1. Do not use an unknown route during your return trip to the camp from your day hike. You could lose your way in poor light conditions and rescue could be difficult.
    2. What to do if you get stranded in the wilderness:
    1. Use the concept of STOP and PLAN.

    Build a shelter before it gets dark.

    1. Light a fire for warmth and safety. The fire should burn throughout the night.
    2. Cook a meal, stir up some hot brew and be happy. Keep a positive outlook.
    3. Keep your torch, knife/hatchet handy at all times.
    4. For added safety, use the paracord/rope/bankline to make a fence around your shelter. Tie a mug and put some pebbles in it to rig an alarm. Any intrusion/movement would disturb the fence and trigger the alarm.
    1. In the morning, try to find your way back using the concept of STOP and PLAN.
  • How to Install a Dummy Home Security Camera

    Today, with the increasing rate of crimes, there is need for installing a security system not only in your offices, but also in your homes. You need to deter the crooks in all the ways so that they never exercise their abilities of committing crime in your home. The criminals get discouraged, when they see themselves getting blocked up in the camera. So, by hiring a home security camera, you can deter crime and criminal both.

    Why do you need a dummy cameras?

    Dummy cameras are turning to be a good option for deterring the felons in the cheapest manner. You need not buy the real cameras to scare the thieves, rather, just go and buy a dummy one which looks similar to the real camera, can work either with battery or solar , can be used indoor and outdoor , they are water proof , and come with LED flashing that will turn on when any motion object is detected. By doing so, you can put off the criminals from their stealing acts. After buying the fake camera, you need to learn about how to install a dummy home security camera? Placing the camera in the right position can help you to deter your felons.

    What is the maximum range that dummy camera can detect motion?

    About 20 feet away from motion.

    How many types of dummy cameras are there?

    They come in variety sizes and shapes .Besides of shape and size that you need to find out which one suites your needs better. The most important part that should be considered before buying a dummy camera is the power of dummy camera. It's good to know that whether they work with battery or solar power.Here we have uploaded pictures of some models dummy cameras that we have in stock available and that might help giving you a preview of products.

    Solar dummy camera IR dummy camera black
    how dummy camera can help decreassing rate of crime Water resistance, capable to be used indoor and outdoor , with flashlight LED
    dummy camera DIY Dom Dummy Camera With Flashlight LED

    How to install a dummy home security camera?

    Step 1: Start thinking like a intruder as this can give you an idea about the right place wherein you can mount the dummy cameras in your home. Search the place from where the  intruders can enter your home and hence, plant the cameras opposite to that location. This point would be really beneficial because, right at the entrance, the thieves would be frightened by seeing the placement of cameras in your home.

    Step 2: What kinds of tools do you need for installing dummy camera.

    A drill machine and a screwdriver are enough for mounting the cameras in your home.

    Step 3: The attachment should be stronger for which you can use stud finder.

    Step 4: Mark the areas where you are going to mount the fake cameras with pencil with proper alignment.

    Step 5: Use drill machine to make holes in which you can fit the screws easily.

    Step 6: After making the holes, attach your dummy cameras with perfect position and be sure that the lens is in the proper direction, in the manner similar to where you would place the real camera for catching the felons.

    Step 7: Be sure that the cameras are secured and stay out of the reach of children. Also the cameras should not be flopping around.

    Step 8: Lastly, keep on checking the position of the lens as they should remain similar without any motion. It is only the position of the lens that can only frighten your criminals.

    Note: always read instruction manual that comes with products.

    Now that you got idea what dummy camera is may you want to explore online and find out your desire dummy camera . A and L is one of the online stores that offer and sell different kinds of dummy cameras at affordable and cheapest price.

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