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Home Protection

                                               How To Protect Yourself Against Home Invasion

How to protect your house from invasion

In this article you are going to learn the Number 1 Heavily-Guarded Secret for How To Protect Your Home, Assets, Children and Life.

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You Will Understand The Best Ways Of Keeping Your Loved Ones Safe, Whether They Are At Home Or Away.You Will Know How To Reduce The Cost Of Your Home Owner's Insurance.

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                                                                 Crime Timeline From A 2016 FBI semiannual report:Home invasion rate in 2107

 Every 24 minutes a murder occurs

Every 5 minutes a rape occurs

Every 2 1/2 minutes a sexual assault occurs

Every 54 seconds a robbery occurs

Every 29 seconds an assault occurs

Every 19 seconds a violent crime occurs

Every 4 seconds a theft occurs

And we could go on and on...                                                              

                    What are The Facts About Home Invasion

There are a number of differences between a home invasion robber and typical burglar.  A majority of burglars are afraid of a confrontation and will therefore do their work when the homeowner is away.  Typically a burglar will search for an unoccupied house and easy entry. He will usually work by himself.  Frequently a burglar will be deterred by sturdy doors, strong locks and alarms, and will more likely flee than face any confrontations with homeowners.  Basically a burglar is looking to steal belongings but isn't interested in getting into an altercation and will do whatever he can to avoid them.

A home invader, on the other hand, is a lot more brazen and bold.  They will target houses that are occupied, with the intention of taking control over the house and the occupants.  Home invaders usually work in groups and tend to be armed with firearms.  They might choose their target based on the lavish house, jewelry, vehicles or other obvious signs of money and wealth.  A ruse will often be used by a home invader to enter a house instead of breaking in.  They might pose as a salesman, stranded motorist, repair person, delivery person, etc.    

The front door is the most common point of entry.  After getting the homeowner to open the front door, quite often accomplices will come out of hiding and run into the residence, intimidating and subduing the occupants. At time they might kick the door in, but normally they will just use a ruse for gaining entry.

Usually the initial confrontation is the most violent aspect of the home invasion.  That is when the safety of the occupants is most at risk.   After the invaders have control over the house they will search it for valuable.  The purpose of home invasions isn't to steal big screen TV's and DVD players.  They are search for much more valuable items like expensive collectibles, antiques, guns, cash and jewelry.  Frequently they will force occupants to give them their ATM cards and PIN numbers. 

                                                                        Home Invasions Robbery Prevention Methods

Most home invasions take place when a homeowners answers the door.  Being extra careful about opening the door to a stranger will significantly reduce your risk.  However, fortifying your entry points is always a good idea to help protect against forced entry invasions.  The following are a couple of tips to help lower your risk and keep your family and home safe.  

1.  Keep your shrubs trimmed back.  If there are any windows visible, that makes it easier for the police or neighbors to spot any broken windows.  You might also want to consider planting a thorny shrub.  It can be an effective deterrent if accessing a window over the shrub is painful.  A house number that is easy to read helps first responders or the police to find your house when there are large house numbers.

2.  Invest in an alarm system.  Check out the various motion detector devices that we have available.  At least use a security alarm sign if you won't want to make the investment or spend any money.

3. Lock all of your doors and windows.  Make sure to invest in good locks.  A deadbolt that has a long bolt and ends in a solid door frame will make it difficult to break the door down.  Don't leave spare keys outside of the house such as underneath your welcome mat.

4.  Use a door eye or window viewer and make sure that both children and adults can see out before opening the door.  Use a door lock alarm as well that has been designed for this purpose, so that it sounds whenever the door opens.

5.  Be careful what you throw away in your trash.  If you just bought a new computer, television or other expensive item, think of another way of getting rid of the box.  Maybe you can cut the box up and put it inside of a garbage bag? Or take it to recycling. 

6.  Always keep the garage door locked.  This not helps prevent your belongings from being stolen, but it also eliminates another sign you are gone.  Use your garage for storing your vehicle. That makes it more difficult for crooks to know whether you are home or not, and prevent them from being able to burglarize your cars as well.

7.  When you are going to be away from home for a long time, make sure your house has a lived in look to it.  Leave an inside light on.  Leave a TV or radio on at a conversational level of volume.  There is also an electronic dog that can work just as well as a real one but doesn't have to be cared for.

8.  Have one of your neighbors pick up your mail or paper or have your mail held at the post office.  Have the neighbor take door hangers off and other types of ads that accumulate.

9.  Think about getting a safe deposit box to store your jewelry in, particularly jewelry that you don't wear very often or really expensive jewelry. Visit our diversions category to get idea what we are offering.

10.  After it gets dark turn exterior lights on.  Use the same lighting schedules for when you are home and when you are gone.  Use a timer with exterior lights and motion detection lights from dusk until dawn. 

                                                                     What To Do When A Home Invasion Occurs

When an intruder is able to force his way into your house, the following are some tips to help you protect your family and yourself.

Don't argue or fight back, instead you should cooperate with your invaders, particularly if they have guns. That will help to keep them calm and also the chances of their being a violent outcome will be greatly reduced.  Cooperating with your intruder can also buy you time so that you can think of what to do and plan to escape once they have let down their guard.

Pulling a gun on your home invader only should be done as a final resort and when you feel that your family member's lives or your life are in danger.  You also shouldn't use any self defense products such as a pepper spray, a Taser or a stun gun, unless it is as a final resort.

Don't look your intruders directly in the eyes.  A criminal might react violently if they think you will be able to identify them.

Establish a code phrase or word with a friend who calls you on the phone on a regular basis.  If the individuals calls while you are in the middle of a home invasions, you can claim you are expecting a very important phone calls and that if you don't answer it might arouse suspicion.  If you are allowed to answer the hone, use the code phrase or word so that your friend is alerted to call 911 for help.

A home invasion is among the most psychologically damaging and dangerous crimes that a person can experience.  They are frequently violent and can leave a family feeling vulnerable and helpless. Be sure to secure all entry points and at night don't open the door to strangers. That can most likely eliminate around 90% of all home invasions.  If you are cautious and smart it can go a very long way towards lowering the risk that you will become a victim and keep your family and home safe.

In the end I need to mention that my house was burglarized also. And that brought me to this point of my life that nothing will help people better than being prepared for emergencies since then I have been trying to find ideas,methods ,and prodcuts to share with people. So, always feel free to ask your questions, thoughts with us HERE

Finally,Take 5 minute and watch how this burglar was able to target and then break into more than 100 houses.

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