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Mace Pepper Guns

                                                                                    Pepper Spray And Pepper Gun Camparison 

                                                                                                 Pepper spray vs Pepper Gun

This has been a common concern of our costumers that if both pepper spray and pepper gun are made of OC ( Oleoresin Capsicum )  so, what is a difference between them or which one is better pepper spray or pepper gun? here we want to show you the most features of both best-selling, self-defense,and non-lethal products.Hope you will find it useful.

                                                                                                          Delivery Pattern                                                                                            

              Pepepr spray; Stream ,foam, cone, and gel                                                                                 Peper gun;  Bag-in-a-Can Technology. 


              Pepepr spray;  10-18 feet                                                                                                                                 Peper gun;  25 feet

                                                                                                               Night Visibility                                                                                             

              Pepepr spray;  No                                                                                                                                             Peper gun;  Yes

                                                                                                           Practice Cartridge                                                                                         

             Pepepr spray; No                                                                                                                                               Peper gun;  Yes  

                                                                                                             Number Of Shots                                                                                              

              Pepepr spray;  6-10 One -Second                                                                                                                    Peper gun; 7 25-Feet 


               Pepepr spray; Average $25                                                                                                                              Peper gun;  $60     

              Want to know more ?

                                                                                     Please Continue Reading On Bottom Section Under Products.                                                                                                                        







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9 Item(s)

Grid  List 

What is bag-in-a can technology?

Thanks to the out of the box thinking we have another option in self-defense products field is called the Mace Pepper Gun. They use their creative Bag-in-a-Can method. This unique option allows the device to maintain a constant stream even when turned on the side or upside down! Not only that, as mentioned above it shoots up to twenty five feet away which is about twice what the other delivery methods will do

What are the benefits of Trigger LED?

The most important benefits of LED light are:

1. Wherever you want to target and shoot, the light will show you the point exactly where the pepper spray will land. This makes to aim the attacker’s face so simple. Shine the light directly in their eyes and fire continually until he is screaming out in agony from the burn!

2. The second added benefit of the LED light is that when you do shine the light on his eyes it will help to make him to lose his sense of direction. for the second or so it will take for the pepper spray from the Mace Pepper Gun to make him wish he was elsewhere. After it starts to kick in the fight is over and he will not be able to see you so you can escape to safety.

3. Eventually, the fear factor. At night when you pull this out it will be tough to tell exactly what you have in your hand and could potentially scare off the attacker or at least distract him long enough for you to take a deep breath and use the device.

 Do I need to buy practice cartridge?

Yes, One unique benefit that Mace offers with their Pepper Gun is that they sell practice canisters.They are filled with water and give you the chance to test out the device without wasting your precious pepper spray. And this is good to get used to your device before you actually have to use it.

How many times can we fire the water cartridge before it goes dead?

Spray 1-11 Strong
Spray 12 Medium
Spray 13 Weak
Spray 14-18 Drip,drip,drip

How many times can we fire pepper cartridge before it goes dead?

Spray 1-12 Strong
Spray 13-16 Medium 
Spray 17-18 Weak
Spray 19-22 Drip,drip,drip

 How many lumens is the light

 Not bright. It’s like a cellphone flashlight. Enough, to blind you temporarily. It can scare away attackers, at night it’s great. 

 Does pepper gun has a laser light on?

 No, it has a single led flashlight that lights when you pull the trigger partially.

 Does it have to exactly hit the face? In a panic it seems a very scared woman would miss!

You are correct. One could miss in a heated situation. However, there is a practice canister included in every package so you can learn how to aim, shoot and hit your target. Plus, it’s not as difficult as a gun or Taser. If you hit your attacker in the shoulder or chest area, enough of the fluid should splash to get into the face and eyes. You have more than one shot and most likely the attacker is moving closer which will make your task easier. 

How does Pepper gun work?

You load the pepper can. You pull the trigger and it shoots pepper liquid up to like 25ft. When not in used, it does have a safety lock. It comes with a practice can with water so you can have your first practice shots.

Do I need gloves or goggles?

No, You need nothing else other than the gun and canister of pepper spray.  

Do pepper guns break easy?

It’s very sturdy and it has some weight to it so it must be a very durable polymeric material. 

Does the pepper gun spray last as long as the trigger is depressed?

It sprays until you release the trigger or the cartage goes empty. 

Is pepper spray gun made out of plastic nowadays?

Yes. They went to plastic to keep the price down.

Does pepper gun has  a lock?

Yes, like real gun has lock. 

Is pepper gun effective for bear repellent?

 I don't think so. Not that powerful against a bear but very effective on humans. Looking for bear repellent pepper spray? Check our other products Here. 

How strength is pepper gun spray. What percentage?

It's 10% percent rated at 2 Million Scoville Heat Units. It sprays like a continuous aerosol spray from any angle even upside down up to 25 feet. A one second burst will stop an attacker for up to 45 minutes and it includes a dye for marking an attacker. To understand what is Scoville Heat Units Click  HERE

Is the water cartridge refillable or is it one time use?

One time use. After it’s used up, you would need to buy more if you wanted to continue practice. They are pressurized which is not a process that can be done outside the factory. 

Does it come with holster?

No, to see the matched holster Click Here. 

Does pepper gun work with battery?

No, The unit does not run on batteries. But the LED aiming light requires three 1.5V alkaline button batteries usually (AG13/R44) type and they come with your order. 

Can it get into your own eyes while firing? Does one need any protection like covering your face?

No the item shoots in a stream it does not disperse into the air like a fog. It was designed to hit a target in the eyes.




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