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Pepper Sprays

                   Buyer's Guide To Buy The Best Pepper Spray   


One of the most popular self-defense products in the market is pepper spray. It is inconspicuous, small, easy to use, inexpensive, and non-lethal. However, pepper spray is of several different types and it is important to understand the various options before buying some for self-defense. 

The world is sometimes dangerous and violent and it is critical for individuals to be responsibility for their protection. Pepper spray is a great self-defense product and a better alternative to firearms. However, you should understand the differences between different varieties and how they function before you can find the most suitable one for you.

Here we want to answer to the Most Common Pepper Spray Questions that our costumers always ask. 

How Many Types Of Pepper Spray are there?  

The 3 types of Pepper Spray are:  

Oleoresin Capsicum (OC)  

Alphachloroacetaphenone (CN) 

Orthochlorobenzalmalonitrile (CS) 

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What is CN pepper spray?

What is CS pepper spray?

What are diffrences between Oleoresin Capsicum  pepper spray, Alphachloroacetaphenone and Orthochlorobenzalmalonitrile pepper spray?

Why CN and CS are not recommended for self-defense?

What is the best pepper spray to buy for self-defense?

CN and CS are both not recommended since they have major drawbacks. CN and CS are irritants that can affect tissues of the membrane causing a tingling sensation as well as the tearing of the eyes. Both take between 5 and 30 seconds to take effect, which makes them insufficient for personal use. Imagine spraying a potential attacker then having to wait for about 30 seconds before the effects kick in. A number of different studies have revealed that people under the influence of some mind altering drugs tend to be impervious to pain and are therefore unaffected by either CN or CS. CN and CS are both made using man-made chemicals that have been known to be carcinogenic and could lead to serious long-term health issues.

What is OC pepper spray?

Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) commonly known as pepper spray is one of the commonest and most effective defensive sprays. It is an inflammatory agent, unlike CN and CS that are irritants. OC is not an artificial chemical but is created from different hot pepper plants, which makes it non-toxic, natural, and does not cause any permanent damage. It starts working immediately and usually takes between 30 and 40 minutes for the effects to subside.

How does Oleoresin Capsicum pepper spray work?

OC dilates the capillaries of the eyes causing temporary blindness. It then enters the throat, inflaming the breathing tissue in the process, which causes severe coughing. 

Is pepper spray effective on people under infuence of drug?

It is thus effective even on people under the influence of drugs that may be impervious to pain. The attacker can still breathe, which means that it is not life threatening, but rather quite uncomfortable and debilitating.By all being said.

OC is clearly the best option with regards to the choice of pepper spray to buy for self-defense. However, it is important to consider 2 more things when buying an OC spray namely: delivery method and formulation.

What percentage of OC is recommended for pepper spray?

Pepper sprays come in different concentrations ranging from 1 to 18 percent. Many people assume that the 18 percent concentration is the best since it is made up of the highest OC concentration. 

What is Scoville Heat Units?

Scoville Heat Units (SHU's) are the units for measuring the heat rating of OC pepper spray.

How to determine pepper spray's effectivness?

The best way to determine the effectiveness of a pepper spray is to check the heat rating.A standard bell pepper has a SHU rating of 0 while Habanero peppers have a SHU rating of between 200,000 and 300,000. OC pepper sprays typically have a SHU ranging between 1,000,000 and 3,000,000. It means that buying OC pepper spray with a concentration of 18 percent is perfectly okay, but the most important thing to bear in mind is its heat rating. Pepper spray that has a higher heat rating incapacitates attackers making them more uncomfortable compared to a pepper spray that has a lower heat rating.

How to find the right pepper spray based on delivery method?

The method of delivery is another important consideration. It is just as important as the formulation when determining which pepper spray is best for you. Different delivery methods have different advantages and disadvantages. The 5 commonest delivery methods are stream, foam, cone mist, gel, and fogger.


 What is stream pepper spray? and how does it work? 

The stream operates on a similar principle to a high pressure garden hose nozzle. A large quantity of pepper spray is forced through a tiny opening within a very short time period.

What are advantages and disadvantages of stream pepper spray?     


♦ Stream has the widest range of up to 20 feet, which means that you can maintain a safe distanc between the attacker and yourself. 

♦ You can shoot the stream directly into the face  of your attacker, which makes it highly effective.   

♦ It comprises of heavy droplets, which means that it is less likely to be affected by strong winds and is unlikely to blow back in your direction.


♦ The stream never creates a mist-like barrier, which means that you need a direct hit to the face for it to be effective.

♦ The stream does not last as long as some of the other varieties. Shooting a large quantity of spray means that you are likely to deplete your canister quickly.

♦ Stream might have the best range, but the user must be very precise when aiming, which can be rather difficult under the stress of the situation. If the attacker is within close range, it can be hard to get an accurate shot to his face. 

 What is fogger pepper spray and how does it work?

The fogger creates a fog-like spray mist. It is almost the same as the cone mist but comprises of much finer droplets, which means that it lingers in the air for longer.


♦ Foggers are largely unaffected by heavy winds and are unlikely to blow back in the direction of the user.

♦ Foggers are under pressure, which means that their range is almost the same as that of stream, about 15 feet. 

♦ Foggers create a mist-like barrier that lingers in the air for a few minutes, which makes it quite effective against several different assailants.

♦ Foggers are quite effective indoors. If you spray it in a hallways or doorway, you will render it almost impenetrable. This is perfect if you want to ward off an attacker for several minutes so that you have ample time to escape via a window or a different door.


 ♦Foggers are under high pressure, which means that they dispense a large volume of spray meaning that you can deplete your canisters quite fast.

What is Cone Mist pepper spray and how does it work?

The cone mist operates in a way similar to a room deodorizer or hair spray and lingers in the air for as long as 30 seconds.


♦ It is made of small, fine droplets, which means that it lingers in the air for longer and creates a barrier the assailant must pass through before getting to the victim. If an attacker holds his breath and shields his eyes when attempting to pass through the barrier, it still penetrates skin and incapacitates him.

♦ The cone mist dispenses the pepper spray in a wide, circular pattern, which means that accuracy in terms of the aim is not necessary, especially at close range. If an attacker were to come even slightly close to the mist, he will inhale it and it will penetrate his skin pores.


♦ The cone mist is not very effective in windy conditions. The wind can easily blow the mist away from the attacker or it could blow back towards the user.

♦ The cone mist has a typical range of between 4 and 10 feet, which means that the assailant could easily get quite close to the intended target.

What is peper foam and how does it work?

Pepper foam resembles a foam-type shaving cream that can cover the face of your attacker, making it hard for him to see.


♦ It has a good range of between 8 and 10 feet.

♦ It includes a UV dye for marking the attacker, which makes it easier for law enforcement officials to identify him.

♦ The pepper foam sticks to the attacker's face and any attempt to wipe it off causes it to penetrate deeper into skin.


♦ The user must have an accurate aim to hit the face directly.

♦ It does not create a barrier like that of the fogger or cone mist.

What is pepper Gel and how does it work?

Pepper gel is a glue-like substance that reacts in a similar way to pepper foam and sticks to the skin of the attacker.

Click HERE to see the list of products are available 


Pepper gel has an amazing range of 18-feet.

Pepper gel adheres to the face like glue. Like Pepper Foam, it marks the face of the attacker for easier identification by law enforcement.

If you attempt to wipe it off, it will penetrate deeper into skin.


The user must have accurate aim to hit the face directly.

It does not create a barrier like the fogger or cone mist does.

                                                                  10 Top Pepper Sprays 2018 

    Vampire Pepper Spray. With essensce of garlic. Best repellent spray to repel animals and humans.

Best vampire pepper spray





Key chain Pepper Sprays. Most popular. Cheap and easy to carry. Small but strong. Concealed. Most sutiable for women and college girls.





Wildfire Pepper Sprays. The strongest and hottest  pepper spray in the market.. Law enforcement use.  Made in USA. %18 . $10.





Pepper Shot Pepper Spary. With quick realease key chain. available in multiple colors. 6-10 one-second shots. 6-8 feet range.%10.  $8-$10.

Pepepr shot





Pepepr Gel. Sticks like glue. Contains gel. Available in different sizes in your choice. 18%. 15-18 ft range.

Gel pepper spray.





 Mace Police Strengh Spray. The most popular brand. In different sizes, models and colors. Take a close look at them under this category.





  Lipstick Pepper Spray. Designed for women. Looks like a lipstick to fool an attacker. 10%. 10 ft range. In 6 colors. $10

Pepepr spray for women






Mace Pepper Guns. Looks like a gun.  Can be triggered  like a gun.Covers the highest range up to 25 ft. LED flashlight for better targetting. 3 colors, black,silver, and pink.pepper gun Mace brand.




Pen Pepper Spray. Looks like a pen. No one can realize you carry an effective self defense device with you.

pen pepper spray





Bear Pepper Spary. Great for outdoor enthusiasts. That strong that can repell all species of bears. 20 ft range. $40.

Strongest animal repellent pepper spray





                                                             Pepper Sprays' Accessories.

Holster. Pepper sprays usually come with holster. To find a propper holster for your spray we have put all type of holster under holster category.

Practice Pepper Spray. It"s optional. It helps a lot to familiarise yourself with peper spray on how to use it properly.

Tactical Defense Book it's optional. It will teach very important rules and techniques how to use , carry and shoot a pepper spray.

Pepper Gun Refill OC/Water. It's optional and an be used only with pepper gun.

This common information can be used for all types of pepper sprays that we sell here.Now that, you have an idea what is pepper spray please take your time and look through our pepper spray category and read description of each specefic product. If still you think you have question please refer to our FAQs page and feel free to ask your questions HERE.





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