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Automotive Safety

                                                                                 Who Need To Use Nap Alarm?

The older people typically have sleep issues that could have an impact on their driving.  Reports have indicated that drivers which are below the age of 20 are among the groups at greatest risk for drowsy driving as a consequence of their erratic schedules.

 People who have problems with sleep are a second group of population that can significantly really benefit from a drowsy driver alert such as the Nap Zapper. 

 Probably the most notorious segments of people that appear to be to stay awake are students.  Whether teenagers or university or college students, they have an inclination to have irregular schedules which can lead to severe fatigue while they're intended to be awake throughout a lecture.  Drinking coffee and energy beverages are typical treatments however they could have uncomfortable side effects. The only thing that can help  them to stay awake without any consequences is,Nap Alarm

People who have a night time job like all-time drivers, machine operators, security staff, nurses,...

People who needs to work with computer for a long while and have habit to fall asleep.

More than 100,000 car accidents every year are caused by drifting off to sleep at the steering wheel. Our driving anti-sleep alarm system is vital alarm system for truckers or anybody whose job requires traveling. Our driver alarm system creates a fantastic present. The driver alarm is tiny, light-weight, inexpensive and very efficient.                                                                               

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                                      Did you know 37% of drivers have fallen asleep behind the wheel?

                                                                              How To Use Nap Alarm?

The sleepy drivers Nap Alarm is used all over the ear and designed to noise a stern warning if you happen to "bow down" whilst driving a vehicle.  The driver sleep alert is an excellent solution for such situations.  It keeps you awake when you need to be but allows you to sleep later if you have time.

                                                                What Is The Best Nap Alarm For You?

Just like all products, it’s not all anti sleep alarm is made equally.  Some are extremely heavy and so uncomfortable to put on.  When trying to find a driver sleep alert, you should ensure to choose a sleek rounded design to ensure ease and comfort.  The smaller sized the product, the much more likely you are able to wear it and forget about it's there.

                                                                 How A Nap Alarm Can Save Your live?

 Prevent deadly incidents by putting on the Anti Sleep nap alarm on your ear. If your head should really go down, the ear security alarm goes off, waking you up and also any sleeping travelers inside the car or truck.  You may then ask your fellow travelers or get them speak with you for some time to obtain your mind working better and alert. All fatigued drivers need to make use of this safety device.

There are actually devices that will help you to stay awake in your automobile and office. These types of products will send out high decibel sounds if you're going to be dropping off to sleep. They work so similar to wireless devices. You place it to your ears, so when your neck and head fall below a specific allowed angle, it will eventually begin sounding and also the sound will wake up you.

This is run on the key that when you begin to go to sleep, then your head will go down and hanging under a particular angle which makes it hard for you to see the way. You can prevent danger by getting yourself wakened by the driver nap alarm. 

Some folks seriously find it difficult to remain alert at the job.  This might be because of the fact that they work night time shift or have a really boring job. Failing to continue to be awake at work might have safety consequences for example when it comes to a security guard or it could merely get you terminated. A driver’s sleep alert can be utilized in cases like this too.  

Many times the result of drivers tiredness can be a avoidable collision. Statistically up to 25% of all the deadly crashes and 40% of single auto accidents are due to drivers exhaustion.  Traveling anti-sleep security alarm  helps prevent you against dropping off to sleep whilst  driving and traveling.

                                                          8 Steps How To Stay Awake While Driving.

You know changing lanes unconsciously is bad. So, you shouldn’t sleep while driving. Here is how to stay awake. You will need a couple of coffee and some chewing gums. Optional an audio book.

Step 1- At the first time of drowsiness pullover immediately and drink a couple of coffee.

Step 2- Don’t get right back to the road. Caffeine boosts the driver’s reaction time but it takes 30 minute to kick in. Instead, park somewhere safe and take a quick half an hour nap.

Step 3-When you do get going again, roll down your car’s windows. If it’s cold outside all the better.

 It’s hard to nod off when you are uncomfortable. And don’t turn on the heat. The warm air can allow you to sleep.

Step 4- While you drive, sit up straight and keep your eyes moving. Bending forward decreases the amount of Oxygen can feed in lungs. And staring at fixed distance slows down brain activity.

Step 5- Neurological studies show the active chewing pumps Oxygen to the brain, keeping you alert.

Step 6- Play road game with yourself which forces you notice your surroundings. And the license plate game makes you focus on small letters and numbers boosts mental functioning and reduces eye fatigue.

Step7 – Sing along with your CDs. It switches up your breathing pattern, boosts blood circulation, and feeds Oxygen to the brain.

Step8- If all of above mentioned steps fails. Find a safe spot to get out of the car and walk around. Moving your body boosts brain functions.

                                                                   What Is The Cheapest Way To Stay Awake While Driving?

Before a Nap Alarm the only way to stay awake whether while driving or working was drinking a coffee but like  was mentioned above there might be a side effect with using coffee. Also some people have allergy to drink coffee but with Nap Alarm you don't need to be worried about any consequences. Every man and women, young and older can use it. It will cost you even cheapr that a coffee. It is one time payment and you can keep it for ever unless it fails. No need to be refilled during travel. Can be shared between driver and  fellow traveller. It is even beyond imagination that you can save lots of lives by spending only $8.

                                                                              Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow.

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