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Stun Batons

 What Is Difference Between Highest Amperage And Highest Voltage Stun Gun?


Stun gun is an electronic device which utilizes amper and voltage to work and this may makes it difficult for those who are not familiar with this terminology. But, they want to be sure how to order a powerful stun gun.

Here, I will try to explain it by giving an example based on real life experience  which for sure sounds familiar to you. Just imagine a swimimg pool which is completely full of water and it has different gates around of it to empty the water when is necessary.

What would happen if you open one of those gates to empty the water?  you will get  a strong water flow which going out of the pool. You need the flow to move something like a stone or whatever you can imagine just as an example. Now, let's say you open the another gate. What will heppen is, you still see the water flow but not that strong as it was when just one gate was open. Right?

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As you see, for getting the water flow out of the pool you need the water level. Okay, Now, may be it is a good time to challenge yourself by imagining a pool which is full in half. If you open one gate, you will see that the water flow is not as strong as when the pool was wholy full. Agree?

Yes, it's that simple.

                 When it comes to a stun gun, that water level is a voltage and that  water flow is like an amperage.

This is why, we have stun guns with different voltage levels and different amperages. Like a pool with full water and half a water. Any time you use a stun gun and that get discharged, in fact, you are using up the voltage which keeps decreasing until when your stun gun does not work anymore unless you recharge it again.

So, for having a constant flow with the same power or speed water ratio, it's need to keep adding the water to keep the water level at the same level. A stun gun functioning exactly in the same way which means after any usage, you will need to recharge it in order for a stun gun to give you a constant amperage at all times.

 I tried to use an real example which is understandable for everyone. I hope this make sense for you.

In addition to what was explained earlier, you need to know that what gives a shock or there is a potential to kill an animal or a human being is, the amperage. Not the voltage.Why?

Let's get to the fact. Hopefully, you have not forgotten that we needed water flow to do something with it right? the same fact applies to stun gun. We need a stun gun to defend ourselves against the attacker(s) and immobilize them. It happens when the current flows through the human's flesh or body.

To understand that how the current or amperage exactly incapticates a human, for a moment you need to get back to the pool, water flow and moving a part imagination. In that set up, if the part was a bit far away from the pool and there was no piping  between the pool and the objet to conduct the water to the object, do you think , would it be possible to move the part?

Of course not. So, the pipping is needed to get water flow to the part. The analogy of human's body is that pipline. Thus, it's important to take the human body's resistance in considration when trying to make a stun gun or understand how it work?

Recap of this article:

Water preussure or level = Voltage.

Water flow = Current or amperage.

Water Pipes = Resistance or human body.

   Watch The Video To See The Power Of Stun Baton In Action.

                                          The highest the amper, The stronger a stun gun.

Now, it's a time to show how a stun gun works in reality or how stun gun's manufacturers make it for those who want to get more thechnical. Stun gun schematic circuit shows that how the electronic circuit converts a 9 volt DC that applies by a battery to a high voltage output which gives a huge electrical shok and saves lives.


Stun Gun Schematic


In reality, stun gun's manufacturers uses the Ohm's law which is based on relationship between Voltage , Current and Resistance.

What is Ohm's law and what does it say?

Ohm's law claims that the current through the conductor ( human's body ) in between two points ( stun gun metal electrods as shown in the picture below) is straight proportionate to the voltage across the two points. Introducing the constant of proportionality, the resistance, one arrives at the usual mathematical equation that describes this relationship.                                                                                  Stun Gun Electrods And Spark.


where I is the current through the conductor in units of amper, V is the voltage measured across the conductor in units of volts, and R is the resistanceof the conductor in units of ohms. The hiegest amperage stun gun we sell is 4.9 Milliamper which could be a stun batopn or cell phone stun gun.

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