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                                                               Stun Gun Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the range for these products? (How close does the target needs to be to hit it?)

Answer: It doesn't shoot out wires like Tasers , you must directly touch the object with your Stun Gun. The prods have to come in contact with the assailant before it can be used effectively you have to actually touch the metal tips of the stun gun to the target. It doesn't shoot out anything like the stun guns that police officers have. Best results with this require skin contact. You need to make contact with flesh, whether through clothing or direct contact.

Question: Does the case keep it from turning on the stun gun or is it just to store and carry in?

Answer: just to carry inside. I have carried it daily and I have not any problem with it arming while in the case. It is actually slightly difficult to retrieve it from the case. I think it would be very hard to turn it on while it’s in the case, especially with all the safety locks on the actual gun, but I wouldn't trust the case too much. It has a slide like button on the side that in the off position. You would have to take it out of the case, slide it up once, and you have a flashlight. Then slide it again, and it turns on the stun. Once it's in stun mode, on the opposite side is a trigger like button you have to hold down to activate.

Question: How long is the initial charging time?

Answer: The instructions specify that the initial charge must be of 6-8 hours

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 Question: How often does it need to be charged (assuming no use)?

Answer: Per instruction manual, 1-2 hours per month - with no use. I would charge 1x per month.

Question: What does it mean to not discharge the stun gun into the air for more than 1 Second?

Answer: It means not to hold the discharge button more than 1 second when not in contact with the person you are trying to defend yourself from. So stun guns are basically a bunch of transformers that boost voltage and lower amperage in order to build up a charger in a capacitor that is then released through electrodes (not before an oscillator creates a specific pulse pattern of electricity though, matching your body's own). There are two types of electrodes it means that when you do this... it will burn up the electronics and the probes. Don't hold the button down and the keep Taser on for more than one second.

Question: Do this items have some type of security so it does not accidently discharge?

Answer: There's a three part switch(off, LED light, and Taser) and the switch needs to be put to the Taser setting before you can even activate the Taser with the power on lever.I personally believe that it would be very difficult for it to accidentally go off. On the right side there is a "safety" switch. When the switch is turned down the device is inoperable. When it's turned to the middle it's a flashlight. When it's turned up it is ready to use. it has a double layer of security. There is a switch on top where your thumb has to slide it forward to turn on the power to the prongs and then you have to squeeze the red trigger on the opposite side with your index finger to release the charge. There is also a red light on top to indicate that the gun is armed .The only security this one has is turning it off.

Question: Can you carry stun gun in your pocket?

Answer: You should check your state laws. Some states allow and some not. Yes, you carry it in your pocket without the case on and you will not get shocked by it. Pretty hard to get shocked as long as your being cautious.

Question: Will stun gun actually paralyze an aggressor? or just hurt him?

Answer: Just hurt them. This product is meant to disorient an aggressor for a few minutes so as to allow you time to flee.

Question: do stun guns make a noise

Answer: Yes. It makes a sort of a semi loud crackling sound.

Question: I am looking for something to discourage/stop a dog that gets too close when I am out for a walk. Would the sound alone work for this?

Answer: Yes the unrecognizable sound would scare most dogs. May you want to take a look at baton stun guns for dogs. The baton stun guns are best for dogs because the dogs will bite your hand the baton you don't have to be close or our dog repellent products.

Question: How do you recharge it? Does it come with what it needs to recharge, or is that a separate purchase?

Answer: It has a charger piece attached to it. Just plug it up to the wall and charge it

Question: Can I leave stun gun in my vehicle's glove compartment?

Answer: Absolutely not. Prolonged exposure to high heat will damage the battery and or components. Forgetting it in the car several times probably won't damage it beyond use but I would not advise intentionally doing so.

Question: Is there a holder or holster available - to use when out walking? Or do you have to keep it in your hand?

Answer: it comes with a cloth case that has a wrist strap but it is not a holster that can be fastened to your wrist. Click here to find match holster.

Question: Is it safe to use stun gun? Will it cause permanent or temporary injury if I use it inappropriately or accidentally hit myself? Or through clothing?

Answer: Yes it’s SAFE, It experimentally has been tested on arm through sweatshirt. It was very painful and would definitely deter an attacker even through a thick sweatshirt, but it will not cause any lasting damage.

Question: Should I have any training before carrying stun guns? I don't want to accidentally shock myself.

Answer: Probably not, there are two separate switches on the device to make it work. Use caution with it and you shouldn't have any problems. If you have additional concerns for sure you can find a video tutorial.

Question: Is it okay to carry stun gun in a checked baggage when flying?

Answer: We strongly recommend to check with your airline.

Question: Does it have any childproof features?

Answer: No. There is a slide button on the side that goes through...off...flashlight...stun...but there is another button on the other side that has to be pushed to activate the stun. It's somewhat child proof, but kids are smart.

Question: How do I know if it needs battery or it’s fully Charged ?

Answer: Instructions say to charge unit once for 8 hours, then 2-3 hours a month. If you use it against an attacker, you're probably only going to use 2-4 seconds of power. The monthly charge should do just fine. I go by the flash light if it goes dim then I charge it if you are not using it a lot then it shouldn't need new battery often. When it’s going out of charge it doesn't work. Then you have to put it in charge hope.

Question: Is it charging automatic? is it safe to leave it connected to the AC indefinitely?

Answer: They don’t suggest any more than an initial 8 hour charge (not automatic) then a 1-2 hour, monthly maintenance charge. Unless you are zapping a bunch o people then a 5 hour charge is suggested. None of them is automatic and must be monitored and done manually. It works great though. DONT LEAVE IT PLUGGED IN!

Question: How far apart should you be when you stun someone if you are being attacked?

Answer: You can only be an arm's length away since you have to hold it against them to stun them. A normal distance is about 3 feet, but make sure you are not touching them.

Question: Can I charge it with 220v electric outlet?

Answer:  NO- It comes with a 120V cord.

Question: Can I turn it on in the dark?

Answer:  Yes. It's a two steps process that can be accomplished with one hand. You use your thumb to slide the safety switch then pull trigger with index finger. It's very easy to use.

Question: In which states stun guns is illegal?

Answer: The following states consider stun guns illegal: Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Wisconsin. The following cities/counties consider stun guns illegal: Annapolis, MD; Baltimore, MD; Crawford County. For more information watch the video provided and read our laws & restrictions    

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