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                                                                             Stun Master Lipstick Stun Guns FAQs

 Please Note ;In order to give you the best idea before deciding to purchase this newly added product to our list , we have gathered major questins and answers from costumers who previously bought and used this product and shared their experience with us.We hope this effort helps you to find your desire self-defense product.

Question: How long does the battery last? If you put a new battery in it, and don't use it at all, how long will it stay at full power?


1-It probably depends how often you use it. I walk in the morning, and use the flashlight. The battery is rechargeable, and I plug it in to charge once a week.

2- I would say at least three months without use. Pretty reliable device. Really holds the charge.

Question: Do you need to attach a safety pin first before activating the Taser?


1-Charge it and it's set to go by following the instructions.

2- No. All you have to do is charge it for a little while, and you're good to go.

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 Question: How far away from the attacker can you be? Or do you have to touch your attacker with the device to deliver the shock?


1-Well I haven't been attacked, but it's like any other device that shocks people. You have to touch it to them while holding down the button to administer the shock.

2-You have to touch the attacker.

3-I believe you have to be close to the attacker. Don't worry, I think that attacker have to be superfast to avoid this thing. It also emits a very loud sound that a criminal would run way from. Remember this is a mean of protection and defense.

Question: Does the lid pop off or unscrew? I'm worried about it popping off in my purse, being pressed down by my other stuff and shocking me?


1-No it will not come off so it is safe for your purse the one thing about it is the light does not last long so it is not good as a flashlight which it is intended to be.

2-You have to pull it off! It fits tight. I don't think it is just going to come off in your purse. Mine has been fine.

3-It does not! I always have it in my purse and the lid never comes off.

Question: How powerful will it electrocute somebody?


1-Very powerful! I tried it on my husband, He went to the ground within seconds and had the marks on his skin (upper arm) for months.

2-It has a nice kick too it. For it to be so small just don't over charge it. I bought this for my daughter to take to college with her. And we left it on charge. When we got home it had exploded in her bathroom. Left a nice dent on her wall.

3-It's not going stop somebody in their tracks but the shock and the super bright light in the face should buy you some time. It IS really loud...but I haven't found any volunteers to test the shock.

Question: Does it smell when used?

Answer: No, it just gives an electric shot. Not smell or fuses cone out.

Question: How many volts does it have?


1-I don't know but it's pretty strong. It'll stop a grown man in his tracks.

Seller answer: 3 million volt.

Question: Will 3M volts stop a grown man?


1-Yes it will. A few 100k volts will stop most.

2-In most cases it will. Police stun guns are typically 2m volts.

3-Yes it should stop a grown man easily. Remember the attacker always have the element of surprise so you should always have it ready win feeling uncomfortable are in a dark parking lot.

Question: I travel a lot and would love to carry this with me. Does anyone know if this is TSA approved or would it be taken away in security?


1-Yes, this would most certainly be confiscated by TSA and also most sport stadiums and public venues where they monitor personal items going in. I carry mine every day, but some areas call for one to be a bit more discreet.

2-As of October 2015, Stun guns are only allowed in checked baggage and are strictly prohibited from carry-on. Each specific airline may have certain rules regarding stun guns so it's best to check with them before you travel. You can also visit the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) website to find more information on stun gun travel laws. You might also consider stun gun possession is prohibited in The District of Columbia, HI, NY, NJ, Ma, and RI. States with restriction stun gun possession include Ct, IL, MD, MI, NC, PA, and WI. Traveling to these states may influence permitting traveling with a stun gun.

Seller Answer: also visit our laws & restrictions.

Question: Can I shock myself just by holding the red button? It seems a bit short and too close

Answer: I have played with it a few times, and while it's loud and sounds scary, it has never shocked me.

Question: Would it actually stop someone in their tracks or does it just sting?


1-It just stings really bad, but it would catch someone off guard.

2- Just stings.

Question: Would this work to scare off an attacking dog?


1- I bought this for my girlfriend and I can tell you for sure, it scared the crap out of her dogs. It is loud and scary to humans as well.

2-Yes I believe it would.

Question: What is it made of exactly?


1-Some type of light weight metal. Guessing, Aluminum. Bigger than the lipstick it says it's like...more about the size of those tube eye glass cases.

2-The outside casing feels like aircraft aluminum. The flashlight / Taser end is in cased in a plastic. The shock barbs stick out of this plastic, so no risk of shock to the user.

3-I believe it is made of aluminum.

Question: I thought stun guns work by positioning both prongs to contact aggressor. How does this work without protruding prongs?


1-I have been stunned by several different devices, and this one is definitely less effective than say a police-type Taser which fires barbs and wires. I used this one on myself as well, and it did shock me through heavy clothing, but barely. I think this one is more about surprise and distraction of an aggressor. It snaps very loud and bright, which would make most people back off immediately. Especially, Someone who has never been Taser before.

2-The contacts protrude slightly when the protective cap is removed. On this device, the contacts aren't prongs; rather, they're the wavy metal ring around the flashlight lens that you see in the picture.

Questions: is the rechargeable battery included? if not where do you purchase it?

Seller Answer: Battery is installed. And it comes with the wall charger.

Question: How often do I have to charge it? Would one charge last long or do I have to charge it everyday?


1-Depends on its use. My wife charges hers about every 2 or 3 months.

2-One charge is good for 2 months.

3-I do not charge mine every day but I only use it in the morning when I go out to get the paper, charge as necessary, the more you use it the more it will need to be charged I would say.

4-I have only charged it once! I used it for 4 days before I charged it



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