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                                                                                Zap Stn Guns Questions And Answers

We are a strong believer that brainstorming leads to wonderful results and successful solutions to problems. It is the process of gathering basic ideas from anybody including professionals and nonprofessionals so that can help everyone come up with better ideas. We have brainstormed about our zap stun guns products especially the most popular one Zap Walking Cane through customer's questions and answers who either have used these products before or were looking for to buy them but had questions. No wonder if you see the content of Q&A has not been chnaged.We hope this earnest effort helps you to find your best self-defense ,non-lethal product.



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Question: Has anyone actually touched a dog with the cane activated? I've been attacked by a dog recently, but don't want to give up walking/hiking.  


1-I have not touched a dog with the cane but I do know that the zapping sound alone is enough to scare off most dogs. They don't like it a bit and run the other way. Don't give up your walks. Buy this cane or the Titan Baton--which is better if you live in rainy environments. The cane won't work or even make a buzzing sound if it gets any moisture on it. The business end of it has metal bands exposed that short out from even a fine mist or any moisture off of wet foliage.   

2-Actually I can assure you that the dogs just hear the sound and off they go. According to the literature if you just give a short burst it will be a small reaction but if you want to take them down to the ground (human or otherwise) just give a sustained blast. In fact, adults I have shown it to when they hear the blast of the Taz jump and no one asks to "try my cane".   

3-Well I used it on a coyote when walking my dog it worked quite well saved my furry little baby and me.  

4-I haven't touched a dog but I activated the cane and set it off and it sparks and crackles and the dog jumped about 10 feet and ran and hid.   

 5- No I haven't but I bet money the doggie will not be bothering you I bought this unit for my dad and he loves it. 

Question: How long when it is closed, Or how short can I make to fit luggage?


1-You should have received a carrying case made of a soft flexible material with the cane. A zipper opens and closes from the handle end. Cane should be carried in this carrying case when traveling or otherwise being stored. Read the manufacturer's manual and it explains the adjustments for changing the length of the cane. As I recall the adjustment window is just a few inches. 

2-This is a standard cane length. It can go up or down a couple of notches (inches) It does not fold. Because of the electric connection, I would not consider disassembling it.  

3-the Zap cane can be shortened to 31.5 inches, in the fully extended position it is 35 inches long there are 3 or 4 other adjustable positions available in between those 2 dimensions. Hope this helps. 

4-I never traveled with the zap cane so I don't know if it fits in a suitcase. I would get a tape measure and measure the suit case and then the cane. If the cane is shorter than the inside of a suitcase I would assume it would fit. 

5- Yes, it works and fits perfect in the storage overhead or folded up under the seat. I used mine for that purpose as well and it was a good investment. 

Question: will it universal for either hand?


1-sure......right or left....no problem. 

2-Yes it can be used in either hand.  

3-I have to walk with it on both the right and left sides. To me it was both the same. 

4-I would have to say yes the button if I remember right is in the middle of the handle. Should be just fine for left or right handers. I bought this cane for my father and he loves it. Super light and has a flashlight.  

5-Yes, Light activates with top button. Taser activates with button under handle with either hand. Looks good, easy to adjust height if you sometimes wear high or low heel shoes as well.  

Question: Does it work with wild animals and rattlesnakes?


1-Yes, I will do it Purpose ...Most especially with Coyotes ...Just blind them with the Flashlight then Press the press the button for the Stun and just the sound it makes will scare them away. 

2-Seller Answer; Yes it works on animals. 

3-The noise of a stun gun is a good deterrent to make the risk of assault go the other direction the majority of the time. Should the risk continue coming towards you then you would apply the stun. As for snakes this has never been asked before and cannot respond. Common sense would say yes but again not sure what effect it would have on snakes.

4-Haven't used it on one but I would say it would.  

Question: How many amps?


1-75mA or above can kill you. Stun guns/batons are regulated so that they cannot deliver anywhere near that amperage... The voltage is what provides the "power" to deliver the stunning effect... Though the human body is a great contactor in the right circumstances, it is the limitations of the stunning device that restricts its ability to deliver any meaningful or damaging amperage. 

2-Stun guns are rated in the amount of volts the discharge, as listed in the product’s description, 1,000,000. 

3- Seller Answer; 4.6 milliamps,

Question: I live in Louisiana where it is very humid, is this a good device to use in this type of environment, or going from A/C in house to hot humid outside?


1-we live in Nevada were its hot also. if you buy the cane, I would keep a soft towel around just in case you have to wipe the condensation off the cane. I read one customer used it in the snow with no problems. Good luck oh yeah the cane is awesome. Makes my father feels safe.  

2-It is sweltering here in GA too. I have had no problems with mine. I really like it.  

3-I wouldn't purchase this if I lived in a very humid environment, because even the slightest bit of dampness renders it useless forever. It had barely begun to sprinkle when I walked from the front door of a convenience store to my car with this cane, just a few steps in a very light sprinkle, and it stopped working. I've let it sit and sit to dry out, charging and trying to use it again every few months, to no avail. It's been over a year now and the thing still won't work. It was cool, and made me feel safer in the dangerous part of Cleveland that I currently live in, but I would not buy another one. 

4-I live in Mississippi, and have lived in Louisiana, so I am VERY familiar with the humidity of which you speak. I am not, however, clear about what you're asking. First, and foremost, this is a walking cane -- you should have no problem using it as such, regardless of your location. If you're concerned about using the 'zap' function, I honestly cannot imagine that would be a problem (unless, perhaps, if it's raining). To date, I've, thankfully, never had to zap anyone or anything in the time that I've owned the cane. Again, while I would caution against using it in the rain, I don't think you'd have a problem with humidity -- even in Louisiana. Hope this helps. 

Question: Do youu sell chargers 4 the cane seperately?


1-The zap cane works wonderfully, but if you lose a charger, it is difficult to purchase it separately. You will have to call the vendor and order it from them. After I received a charger, I tried to fit it in the cane, but it was small. It wouldn't stay in. I tried a second time and again the end part of the charger that you plug into the can is small. I just ended up buying a whole new cane all together. I gave the other cane I had as a gift to my neighbor.  

2-I don't know Seller or the manufacturer sells them separately but you can find an universal charger at Radio Shack, Best Buy, Target or Walmart. 

Question: Anybody know if the electrodes can be spray painted to conceal them and still function?  


Yes, I did this. The "spark" will blow off a speck of paint that is hardly noticeable, but 99.99% will remain. Just use a spray can of lacquer or rust oleum. 

Question: How bright is the flashlight and its range?  


1- Very bright. About ,20 Feet.

2-it's fairly bright up to 7'or so I doubt the cane’s light was meant to be its biggest attraction. 

Question: How sturdy is the cane for walking with?  


1-It is very sturdy and comfortable. It takes some getting used to. I kept touching the button for the shock. Turned it around and worked great.

2-Very sturdy; however, you have to adjust it to your walking ability. And you have to make sure the metal bolt that supports the bottom part of the cane is tight. It is very good for support and walking once you've made your adjustments. It feels good in the hand and it is somewhat light enough to walk with and carry if need be; but it is very strong and it will do what it is intended to do, this is fact!  

Question: Does it have to actually touch the dog or attacker? Or...how far away can you be? I'd rather not get that close. Could have my throat cut by then!  


1-The shockers are all over so the attacker can't grab the cane and you can shock whatever at cane’s Length. 

2-It’s a cane not a gun, not a Taser. You have to make contact with your target. To keep an attacker at a distance you need a gun, Taser or pepper spray. 

Question: will this cane kill a rat? 


1-I think it would. I put a large dog down with it thought the dog was dead for a while he laid real quite for 5 min. 

2-Seller Answer; If a rat cannot handle the voltage then yes. 

Question: Can the rubber tip on the end of the cane be replaced and if yes with what size?  


1-I just looked at my cane. It’s slid off way too easy and I notice in the rubber tip there is a flat piece of metal a hair bigger than a Nickle. Not sure what it's for maybe a ground. 

2-Seller Answer:  Includes extra rubber tip for the end of the cane. 

Question: This is not waterproof, you brought it out and all the sudden it starts raining, Can't you use the flashlight and stun right?  


1- like anything with electric water does not mix, but it comes with a cover you can carry in rain if there is a emer. use it, mine got slightly wet no problem. 

Question: What do you use to charge it? 


1-It comes with an AC adapter Charger you just plug one end into the cane and the other end into a regular house electrical plug-in outlet. It goes into the how long how often in the instructions. 

2-It has its own 110 VAC charger as part of the package you receive with the product. It works well and charges quickly. 

3-I drain the bat on mine every 2 weeks by myself then plug it in all night. 

Question: I live in rainy Portland or and one reviewer wrote that it cannot be used in rain or snow is this the case and if so why?  


1-Yes, it is insulated... works fine. 

2-Seller Answer: Keep in mind that this shoots a million volts of electricity. Last thing you want is for it to backfire while it's raining or snowing. 

Question: A cane is one thing that should last a life time, literally. When the batteries wear out in this thing, how do I replace them?  


1-I don’t know yet. It’s too soon to tell. It doesn't seem hard though.

2-I haven't replaced mine yet. Just in case just google it or go to You Tube for tutorial.

3-Seller Answer: This re-charges from a wall outlet. It should last very long. 

Question: how heavy is the cane, and of what material?  


1-Very light but very strong. Packs a punch. I carry it for walks in the country and am very happy with it.

2-Maybe 3 lbs. It is lightweight metal. One problem is that it can't get wet and it is always wet in the summer in Florida!

3-I'd say less than a pound, made of heavy duty polycarbonate ( I think),good handle grip. Strong enough, So, you could whack somebody with it. It worth the money.

4-The weight on my cane is 1.4 lbs... As to the material it's made of, it seems to me to be made of light weight aluminum. Very sturdy though.. I like it and believe it is well worth what I paid.

5-Seller Answer: Weight capacity of 250 lbs. 

Question: What are the probabilities of an accidental shock either to oneself or another?  


1- To activate it, one must flip a slide switch to the "on" position. That would only be done when an imminent threat were to present itself. So, to answer your question, not likely, but there are goofy people out there that manage to shoot themselves in the foot daily.

2-Never actually shocked myself but the light does come on accidently. The sound startles you when it does come on. 

Question: Will it shock through what people are wearing? 


1-I have thankfully, had no occasion to use mine on anyone. It is, however, my understanding that you can expect an assailant to experience a shock even through their clothing. Naturally, the amount of shock will be degraded if the person is wearing thick or multiple layers of clothing. I am reasonably confident that if I zap someone on the leg or arm, they will get enough charge to make them move in another direction. I'm sure this isn't quite the definitive answer you might be seeking, but I hope it helps.

2-Yes it has been documented that the units are effective even through clothes.

3-Regular clothing no problem it will stun right through it heavy cloth it'll stun through that too if they're wearing some type of protective leather it may not stand true that. 

Question: What is the lowest length that this cane can be collapsed to for carrying? Can it fit a pocket?  


1- The cane will not fit in your pocket or purse or a book bag. After being adjusted it’s still long. It doesn't really collapse it’s more like height adjustment for your comfort.

2- This unit will not fit into a pocket. Shortest length is 31 1/2 inches. It does though come with a nice case.

3-Seller Answer: This walking cane measures 32 inches and can be easily extended to 36. 

Question: Can you go in store through security doors? 


1-I've had a couple of problems in some stores but most stores I have had no problems.

2- No problem with that. Except at the Airport most Probably.

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