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Hidden Cameras

                  Why Everyone Needs To Own A Hidden Invisible Camera?

A Wireless Hidden Camera, which is also referred to as a Nanny Camera, is on of the numerous great products that are available, especially those for keeping you, your office and family secure and safe?

The following are some of the most important advantages you can enjoy by owning a Hidden Wireless Camera:

1.They are wireless, so you won't have to run any wires anyplace inside your home.

2.Hidden cameras are a type of small board camera built into common objects.  Those objects can be practically anything!  You can place the camera inside of books, smoke detectors, clocks, phones and many other household and common items.  In order to make the cameras appear to be 'hidden' they are placed inside of a common object inside of your house.  Camera components can even be purchased and you can make your own hidden camera.  These cameras can be directly wired into a recording device or fitted inside of a signal transmitter that then transmits over to a receiver so that the images can be recorded and/or viewed.    

3.Many of these objects are real functioning appliances that directly plug into the wall.  That is where all of the power for the camera comes from.  The appliance appears to be natural in its surroundings.  Therefore, the camera won't ever be directly seen.

                                                                            To see FAQs please continue reading on bottom section under products .

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4. There are some cameras as well that have internal DVRs inside of them which have a battery with a rechargeable 10 hour battery pack.

5. There are also cameras that have a motion detector. This can save your battery's life since it records only after motion has been detected.

6. Usually these cameras are Plug and Play, meaning all you need to do is plug them in and you start to use them right away.

Let me cover this in more detail. There are two main components to a wireless camera: there is the transmitter and camera and then there is a receiver that attaches to your television. So once you have the camera plugged in you are ready to record immediately.

So what can I record? The following are a couple of examples:

- Monitor your babysitter or nanny - you can now see precisely how your children are being watched and care for. So where did that bruise actually come from?

Click play to watch how a cargiver was captured on spy cam video striking a 95-year-old women several times during her meals.

- Use an unobtrusive Flower Pot Hidden camera to know what time you teenagers really got home last night. Just don't let them know where you obtained your information. Keep in mind the Flower Pot can be moved anyplace in the house just in case they try to use another window or door.

- If you have an elderly parent who has certain needs or wanders around at night, then the Wireless Hidden Camera is a great device to keep you informed of what their movements are.

- An outdoor camera can be placed for recording movement that occurs on your property.Like our very versatile spy camera.

-If you have an expensive car or boat that you don't want anybody to get close to you will now have proof whenever someone tries to mess with them.May you want to look at our dash camera

- If you have any negligent employees who don't fulfill their responsibilities, that can have a very negative impact on your company. To keep a watchful eye on your employees you can install a oil painting picture frame that hangs on the wall.

- A hidden camera can provide evidence of a shoplifter who is trying to steal items from your store while you are helping other customers. It would detect this problem immediately as soon as it occurs.

Those are just a few examples of you can use a Wireless Hidden Camera. The cameras are inexpensive, may be wireless or wired, and can record in color or in black and white. There are numerous models for you to choose from to fit your specific needs and decor. Everybody should have at least one hidden camera inside their home.

You are sure to have a use for one of these cameras right now. The whole point of me sharing this information with you is so that it can be pointed out how much easier it is to prevent problems from occurring in the first place before they get out of control. So stop wondering what is going on inside of your house while you are away.

When purchasing a hidden camera there are several important things that you should consider:

- How are images viewed?

- Will these images be high quality ones?

- How is the hidden camera powered?

                                                            Hidden Cameras Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What does a hidden camera do?

Answer: It is used to provide a data about someone or something via either recording video or monitoring it so that can be used as a evidence any time, in the court of law. If you got an accident or you have a cheasting spouse you can collect data to resolve your case.

Question: Can I use hidden camera legally ?

Answer: Yes, video recording is legal but audio recording is ilegal by federal law.Audio should not be used in a surreptitious manner ( Title 18, Section 2512).

Question: My power bank shows no SD card when the SD card has already been installed. this has happened more than once. what's wrong with my power bank?

Answer: You need to choose format SD card first before you can start using it

Question: Can you recording and charging at same time?

Answer: Yes, you can keep the spy camera recording while charging.

Question: Does this device stream over the internet and to your phone?

Answer: If it has a SD card  you can plug a SD card into the device to record video and pictures. You can view the recording files via phones and PC. If it has a built in DVR it easily connects to a PC using a supplied USB cable.

Question: What is a wireless camera?

Answer: A wireless camera has a built-in transmitter that sends video signals to a receiver that can be connected to a TV, VCR or other equipment. No wires are necessary between the camera/transmitter and the receiver.

Question: How do I get the best range when using wireless video?

Answer: Place the camera/transmitter where there are the fewest obstructions between it and the receiver.

Question: What is the maximium distnace that a hidden camera can covere?

Answer: A standard wireless hidden camera can transmit images up to 1000 feet and high-powered wireless cameras can transmit up to 2000 feet. This easily allows the viewer to locate the monitor and recording devise well away from the area being monitore.

Question: Can a system run out the battery power?

Answer: Depndes on type of products . Some of our products battery capability is 2400mAh with 10-12 Hours battery life and some of them like P2P WIFI ADAPTER stays plugged in and does not reqiure charging.

Question: Can I recored in the dark with Hidden cameras?

Answer: Yes, we offer a few types of cameras that have IR's which allowes you to record in the dark about 10 feet away.

Question: How can I extract the recorded video?

Answer: Those hidden camera which have a built in DVR come with USB connection that can be connected to PC  and TV. Simply hook the camera to a TV or computer monitor with video cable or remove the card and place it in the card reader of your computer for instant viewing and download the data. there are other types that have ability to be connected to WIFI system .These type of cameras allow you to view remotly form anywhere you have a internet connection.

Question: Is the quality of the video actually filmed in 1080! Because most cameras spy writes it in 1080 but it is not?

Answer: What you can see on your mobile device such as cellphone,tablet,etc. is 1080P,it only shows as 720P on your computer.The camera itself is 720p.Videos recorded to SD card are in 720p, with around 25 frames/sec.Via the app, there is a 1080p option, and it can record a 1920x1080p file to your phone, but the frame rate is fairly low and there seems to be no improvement over internally recorded files.I think the camera itself is 720p.Videos recorded to SD card are in 720p, with around 25 frames/sec.Via the app, there is a 1080p option, and it can record a 1920x1080p file to your phone, but the frame rate is fairly low and there seems to be no improvement over internally recorded files.

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